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With 38 clinics and 11 SPOs to choose from, you may be wondering which clinic will meet your academic and experiential learning goals.

Learn more about the clinics before 2024-2025 clinical registration, open from March 26 at 9:00 am through March 28 at 5:00 pm.

Here, you can explore clinics and SPOs by legal skills, topic area, and placement location.

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Advocacy & Policy

  • Draft legal memoranda
  • Draft policy papers
  • Community outreach & coalition building
  • Prepare comments on proposed rules

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Conflict analysis
  • Consensus building
  • Facilitation
  • Negotiation

Appellate Work

  • Research and draft briefs
  • Written and oral advocacy
  • Client counseling
  • Developing strategy

*Amount of appellate work varies each semester

Civil Litigation

  • Client counseling
  • Impact litigation
  • Trial preparation
  • Litigation and courtroom experience
  • Research and writing

Criminal Law

  • Trial preparation
  • Factual and legal investigations
  • Interview witnesses and clients
  • Argue motions and try cases before a court
  • Litigation and courtroom experience

Individual Client Representation

  • Interviewing and counseling
  • Litigation and courtroom experience
  • Oral advocacy
  • Problem solving

Transactional Practice

  • Draft and review contracts
  • Issue identification and deal strategy
  • Statutory and regulatory research
  • Community outreach and coalition building
  • Client counseling

Browse by topic area

Government Lawyering

Criminal Law

Civil Rights

Advocacy & Policy

Economic & Housing Justice

Business & Tech

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Externship placements across Massachusetts and the country

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