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HLS Community Resources

It is important to keep in mind that the Northeast media market is highly competitive. Only events or initiatives that are truly unique or pathbreaking will warrant coverage. There are typically dozens of interesting events at Harvard University every day, and Harvard is only one of approximately 100 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area.

  • If you are hoping to get journalists to attend your event, try to schedule it on a weekday after 10 a.m. and before 3 p.m. Anything later than 3 p.m. begins to push up against daily newspaper and TV broadcast deadlines.
  • A “media advisory,” not a press release, is the best thing to send to journalists prior to an event. Shorter than a press release, a media advisory provides the most basic facts: the who, what, when and where associated with your event.
  • The Office of Communications does not have the resources to pitch individual news stories for student groups, except in unique cases involving a major campus-wide event or initiative. We will assist you by providing guidance and media contact information to meet your needs.

For assistance of questions about media relations, please contact the HLS Public Information Officer.

Resources for Journalists

  • HLS Faculty Experts

    To request an interview with one of Harvard Law School’s faculty experts, please visit our faculty experts page.

  • HLS Images

    To request professional-quality photos depicting current Harvard Law School faculty, student life, or campus buildings, from our extensive collection, please email your request to; include your deadline, the type(s) of images you need, and information about where the images will be used.

    For historical images, please contact Historical & Special Collections at the Harvard Law School Library, (617) 495-4550 or

  • Permission to Photograph or Record Audio/Video on Campus

    Non-Harvard Law School affiliates must receive permission from the HLS Office of Communications before taking photos or recording audio/video on campus. This allows us to alert all applicable personnel, including Campus Police and Media Services, which will help ensure a smooth experience for all involved.

    To request permission, journalists and other non-Harvard Law School affiliates who wish to take photos or recordings on campus should submit the HLS Campus Photography/Recording Permission Request at least 24 hours before arriving on campus.

    Please contact us at for assistance with photography on campus, or email the Public Information Officer with questions about audio/video recording.

    Please note these restrictions for photography/recording on the HLS campus:

    • Students may not be photographed or filmed for any reason without express permission from the HLS Communications Office.
    • For audio/video recording, we require signatures on Recording License Agreements (below) from each student, staff member and faculty member being filmed or recorded.
    • The inside of buildings may not be photographed or filmed without express permission from the HLS Communications Office. Filming the exterior of buildings is permissible, as long as there is no disruption to the campus and no students are filmed without permission. Photographers and film crews should always notify the Office of Communications in advance by submitting the HLS Campus Photography/Recording Permission Request.
    • The HLS Communications Office reserves the right to review photographs or recorded material prior to its publication and we reserve the right to use the media for our own promotional purposes on our web site or via other channels.
    • All photography and recordings should be completed in a timely and unobtrusive manner, without disruption to the academic environment.

    Recording License Agreements

    Please ensure that anyone who will appear on the video or audio recording submits the following form prior to the event. Signed PDF versions of this form should be returned to the HLS Office of Communications (contact information below).

  • Official Comment or General Inquiries

    To seek official comment from the Law School, or for other general inquiries, please email the HLS Public Information Officer.