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  • Find a Database

    Find a Database

    Find databases for legal and law-related research, as well as for empirical, statistical and data-related research.
  • Find a Book or Article

    Find a Book or Article

    Find books and articles related to law and other disciplines.
  • Research a Topic

    Research a Topic

    Find research guides by topic, from Administrative Law to World Trade Law.
  • Ask a Librarian

    Ask a Librarian

    Chat with a librarian, submit a research question, or search through our frequently asked questions.
  • About the Library

    About the Library

    Learn more about the history, policies, and staff of the Harvard Law School Library.
  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Contact information for Harvard Law School Library staff and departments.

Library Events and Training

Library Events and Training

  1. Sep

    Book Talk: “Governance Feminism: An Introduction”

  2. Sep

    Catharine MacKinnon Book Talk: “Butterfly Politics”

  3. Sep

    Love Your Library Fest

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