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Quiet Zones

Areas for quiet reading and study. Please keep noise to a minimum and take conversations to other zones.


4th floor

  • Caspersen Room
  • Root Room
  • Reading Room

Langdell book stacks on any floor

Stairwells and other Nooks

Stairwells and other nooks should be treated as quiet zones. Please use the phone zones for calls and collaboration zones for conversations.

Collaboration Zones

Areas for working in groups or talking quietly with others.

Please take calls to phone zones.


2nd (main) floor

  • Lemann Lounge
  • Fishman Room
  • Private Group Study Rooms

3rd floor

  • Reference Room
  • Private Group Study Rooms (after 6:00 pm)

Phone Zones

Phone Zones are the only areas where talking on phones is permitted.

Please keep ringers on silent throughout the library.


  • 2nd floor phone booths
  • 3rd floor elevator lobby phone booths