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Quiet Zones

Areas for quiet reading and study. Please keep noise to a minimum and take conversations to other zones.

Stairwells and other nooks are quiet zones because the sound in them carries to other areas.


4th floor

  • Caspersen Room
  • Root Room
  • Reading Room

Langdell book stacks on any floor

Collaboration Zones

Areas for working in groups or talking quietly with others.

Please take calls to phone zones.


2nd (main) floor

  • Lemann Lounge
  • Fishman Room
  • Private Group Study Rooms

3rd floor

  • Reference Room
  • Private Group Study Rooms (after 6:00 pm)

Phone Zones

Phone Zones are the only areas where talking on phones is permitted.

Please keep ringers on silent throughout the library.


  • 2nd floor phone booths
  • 3rd floor elevator lobby phone booths