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DOS Student Support

Dean of Students Office

1585 Massachusetts Avenue
Wassesrstein (WCC) Suite 3039
CambridgeMA 02138

Phone: 617-495-1880

Fax: 617-496-0544

A white bush in bloom in spring in front of Langdell Hall on Harvard Law Campus

The Dean of Students Office is your primary advocate and resource for navigating life at Harvard Law School. We’re here to help every step of the way, whether you’re trying to navigate your coursework, a life event, or preparing for the bar.  Please contact us or make an appointment to learn more about our student support services.

Support Where You Need It

The Well

Health and wellness at HLS means resources for mind, body, and spirit.

Visit The Well to find everything from physical health and athletic activities to mental and emotional support.

1L Year

The basics of 1L: Sections, holding events & the BSA. Learn about it all here!

Replace Your Tent Card

Most professors request or require students to display their name tent card during class sessions. If you are a current student and have lost the tent card that was provided to you previously, please submit a request to replace your tent card.

Please note: this form is NOT for incoming students–all incoming students will automatically be given their first tent card at the beginning of the fall term.

LOA and Visits Out

DOS facilitates personal and medical leaves of absence, as well as visits to other law schools due to hardship.

Students seeking information regarding these programs should contact DOS at

  • Leave of Absence

    For polices and the financial considerations related to taking a leave of absence, consult the Handbook of Academic Polices, Section X as well as the Financial Aid Policy Overview information.

    You should complete this process if you are:

    • Planning to enroll in another school as part of a joint or concurrent degree
    • Planning to enroll in another school to pursue other graduate study
    • Taking a personal leave
    • Taking a medical leave (JD and LLM students)
    • Planning to enroll in a study abroad program

    Please note that the Registrar’s Office will expect you to return to HLS and enroll in classes during the semester you indicate on your Leave of Absence form. At this time, your HLS student status will be reactivated and you will receive a bill for the upcoming year or semester. If you intend to extend your leave from a semester to a year, you must submit a revised form to the Registrar’s Office. If you wish to extend your leave beyond one year, you must request an extension from the Administrative Board by emailing

    Complete the Leave of Absence Form 

  • Visits At Other Law Schools

    The Program for Visits at Other Law Schools is available for HLS students who desire to study out of residence at another ABA accredited law school due to personal hardship. In order to participate in this program, you must petition the HLS Administrative Board through the Dean of Students Office.

    General Policies:

    1. The application deadline for both programs is the end of January Term.
    2. Before planning a visit, make sure you have an audit of your credits and what you must complete by third year.

    Applying to visit away from Harvard Law School:

    1. Petition the Administrative Board via email to the Dean of Students explaining your reasons for wanting to spend your year at another school. Please include the following information:
      • The school(s) you wish to visit
      • Your plans to complete the professional responsibility requirement
    2. Contact the other law school to determine their criteria for allowing visits (contingent on HLS Administrative Board approval).
    3. Once accepted, your courses and academic program at the other school must be approved in advance by the Associate Registrar.

    For additional Financial Aid information about the program, please visit Student Financial Services.

    Applying to visit Harvard Law School:

    1. Send a letter/e-mail to the Administrative Board with an explanation of the reasons you want to spend your third year at Harvard Law School. Address your letter to the secretary of the Administrative Board:
      Dean of Students Office
      1585 Massachusetts Ave Suite 3039
      Cambridge, MA 02138
    2. Please include a certified transcript from your home law school.

    Please note that students visiting Harvard Law School as part of the Visiting Program will receive their law degrees from their home law school and will be subject to the academic rules of their home institution as well as those of Harvard Law School.

    Decisions on the Visiting Program will be made in early April.