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Why HLS?

Infinite Possibilities. Unlimited Directions.

At Harvard Law School, one of the world’s most respected law schools, the study of law and justice leads in unlimited directions.

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  • Clinics & Student Practice Organizations 47
  • Research Centers and Programs 30
  • Student Journals 17
  • Student Organizations 100+

“One of the greatest advantages of HLS’s size is the incredible range of backgrounds and perspectives of our classmates.” 

 —Irene Kwon ‘23

From its inception, Harvard Law School has set the standard for legal education and opened up a world of opportunity for its students. More than 150 years ago, HLS pioneered the case method and transformed the law teaching profession. Today, Harvard Law School continues to be at the forefront of curricular innovation and experiential education. Whatever path they follow, students at HLS encounter a rich environment for exploration and an extraordinary community.

Marvelously big and immensely personal

As a large school, Harvard Law School is able to offer a uniquely broad, and deep, range of opportunities to students. At the same time, the environment is dynamic and supportive and our community is intimate enough to promote collaborations that can change the way we live, work, and see the world.

Plenty of people just like you, and plenty who aren’t

Because of its size, Harvard Law School is home to an exceptionally diverse student body with many different backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. You’ll encounter an array of life experiences and a spectrum of perspectives in the people you meet. You are sure to be in good company, and you won’t find yourself to be the sole representative of a particular perspective on any topic or issue.  

“HLS is in a category of its own, offering a unique combination of size and interconnectedness, diversity and familiarity, access to world-renowned faculty, and research support. No other school opens doors around the world in quite the same way.”

– Catherine Peshkin, assistant dean for Harvard Law School’s Graduate Program and International Legal Studies

“Law school was really my time for self-exploration. I spent a lot of time taking advantage of the flexibility that HLS offers with getting hands-on, real-life experience.”

—Michelle Wu ’12, Mayor of Boston

Challenge and be challenged

At Harvard Law School, we cultivate an atmosphere of respectful debate and discourse. Every student has a chance to challenge and be challenged, to think, to learn, and to grow. You will refine crucial skills of analysis, communication, and persuasion. Students at HLS find this engagement to be demanding, transformative, and rewarding.

“In every class I’ve taken, I have had an ‘ah ha!’ moment that defines my Harvard experience.” 

—Jesselina Rana ’22

World class faculty, unparalleled resources

Harvard Law School affords you access to the unparalleled resources of Harvard University, a global alumni network, an incomparable course catalog and library collection, and a renowned faculty engaged in teaching and research in dozens of disciplines.

Practical learning, serving real clients.

“I wasn’t absolutely certain what I wanted to do when I showed up at Harvard Law School. But I was hoping that commitment to justice through the rule of law … might empower me to open up doors for other people.”

—Bryan Stevenson ’85, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative

HLS students connect cutting-edge classroom theory to real-world, real-time legal practice and policy development through experiential pathways to learning. Harvard Law School offers numerous ways for you to gain valuable hands-on legal experience while making a positive impact in real people’s lives and communities including clinics, pro bono programs, and opportunities abroad. 

Join the Harvard Law community

Whether you are considering a broad and diverse curriculum or a specialized area of the law, your time spent at Harvard will not be like anyone else’s time at Harvard. But without a doubt, it will be transformational. We believe in what you can achieve here. Join the Harvard Law community and explore the many opportunities available to you.