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The Dean of Students Office can assist with information and referrals for academic support, including facilitating accommodations or other support in the event of personal or medical emergencies.

Personal & Medical Emergencies

The Dean of Students Office assists students with academic accommodations or other support in the event of personal or medical emergencies. For assistance or questions about accommodations or supports, please contact us at

In cases of life-threatening emergencies, always call 911 first. If you are otherwise in need of immediate assistance, please contact the following resources:

J.D. Student Financial Services (SFS) is available to support J.D. students on a range of financial matters. For information related to emergency medical or personal expenses, please see the links below.

The Graduate Program Financial Aid Office is available to support LL.M. and S.J.D. students on a range of financial matters.  For information related to emergency medical or personal expenses, please contact the Graduate Program at


Harvard Law provides students with free access to a membership, which includes unlimited and free use of’s online database of caregivers and other household help, as well as subsidized in-home child and adult backup care, and subsidized backup care at child care centers.

Academic Support Resources

Graduate Student Learning Support (GSLS)

HLS students are eligible to work with Harvard’s Graduate Student Learning Support (GSLS). GSLS provides graduate students throughout the academic year with the opportunity to meet individually with a learning specialist for a consultation about academic concerns. The GSLS program is for students who want support in the following areas:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing skills
  • Time management and organization
  • Test-taking strategies

GSLS is by referral only. Please contact the Dean of Students office or the Accessibility office to discuss a referral.

Exam Support

  • Exam Preparation

    Susannah Barton Tobin, Managing Director of the Climenko Fellowship Program and Assistant Dean for Academic Career Advising, is available to answer questions J.D.s may have about exam preparation. Please feel free to reach out to Dean Tobin,, to schedule an appointment.

    LL.M.s with questions about exam preparation should direct them either to their LL.M. Advisors, Catherine Peshkin, Assistant Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, or Nancy Pinn, Director of Administration and Student Affairs, in the Graduate Program. There will also be a special session about exam preparation in November at which a faculty member will speak to LL.M.s about how to prepare for and answer HLS exam questions.

  • Exam Archives

    Test your understanding of course materials with past exam questions! Access to the HLS Exam Questions Archive can be found on the Registrar’s website.

  • Exam Emergencies

    Learn what to do if you have an emergency during an exam period.

Library Study Guides

Peer Support Networks

Conflict Resolution

The Harvard Mediation Program (HMP), part of the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, offers students living in HLS housing free dispute resolution assistance. Whether you’re having problems with a loud neighbor, a roommate who never cleans, or other housing issues such as trash or visual nuisance, the Harvard Mediation Program is available to HLS residents.