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Throughout the course of the academic year there may be changes to your financial circumstances, or those of your family if their information is considered in the determination of your eligibility, which could necessitate a reevaluation of your eligibility for aid. Additionally, students may experience unexpected, extraordinary, or emergency expenses for which we may be able to adjust the overall cost of attendance and provide access to additional grant or student loan funding.

We encourage all students to discuss the particulars of their circumstances with their financial aid officers to determine the impact, if any, there will be on their financial aid and the type of resource (grant or loan) which may be available to help address their situation.

Due to regulations surrounding the administration of student financial aid funding there are limitations to the types of expenses for which we can provide assistance. Grant and loan funding may only be used for cost directly related to the educational program and a student’s personal expenses. While we will do everything possible to help you identify your options, under applicable student aid regulations Student Financial Services is not usually able to approve appeals based on the following:

  • Wedding-related expenses
  • Additional living expense money for an unemployed spouse, roommate or other family member
  • Expenses related to extra-curricular travel or activities (e.g. attending a conference)
  • Private school tuition for school-age dependents
  • Consumer debt
  • Car ownership expenses

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss any circumstances affecting your financial stability with a member of our team please email