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The International Human Rights Clinic advances human rights around the world while training the next generation of advocates. Working closely with expert clinicians, law students take the lead on lawyering and advocating for human rights across a range of thematic and geographic areas, using a variety of skills that reflect the diverse modes of human rights practice. The Clinic serves as partner and legal advisor to human rights and civil rights organizations in the United States and globally, including international, grassroots, and movement-based organizations, as well as communities and individuals directly affected by abuse. 

Visit the clinic’s For Students page to read more about the Clinic’s projects, values, and FAQs. 

Students are at the heart of the International Human Rights Clinic, and become part of a community of advocates working to create a more just and equitable world. Students work in small project teams with clinicians who provide guidance, mentorship, and continual feedback. Students are involved in all aspects of their projects, from conceptualizing goals and formulating strategies, to researching and drafting reports, treaties, and legal briefs, to interviewing witnesses, to presenting findings before courts and international bodies. The project work is informed by clinical seminars that combine case studies, role plays, interactions with practitioners and community members, critical reflection, and workshops of clinical projects. 

Clinical Human Rights Practice

The International Human Rights Clinic’s docket draws on clinicians’ established expertise and networks in six broad areas, while remaining dynamic and responsive to emerging needs and the evolving field. Our practice includes: accountability and remedies, armed conflict and civilian protection, climate justice and the environment, gender, race, and non-discrimination, protecting fundamental freedoms, and social & economic justice. The Clinic employs a variety of lawyering methods that are tailored to the needs of each project, such as research and analysis, advocacy, strategic litigation, norm building and treaty drafting, and documentation and reporting. 

How to Register

The International Human Rights Clinic is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. You can learn about the required clinical course component, clinical credits and the clinical registration process by reading the course catalog description and exploring the links in this section.

The clinic also offers a 3L-only clinic option in the fall (International Human Rights Clinic – 3L Leadership Training with Advanced Seminar).  This option is for students who have already completed a semester of the International Human Rights Clinic. This option has an early drop deadline of June 1, 2023.

Meet the Instructors

headshot of Susan Farbstein

Susan Farbstein

Director; Clinical Professor of Law

headshot of Bonnie Docherty

Bonnie Docherty

Associate Director; Lecturer on Law

headshot of Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe

Associate Director; Lecturer on Law

Beatrice Lindstrom

Senior Clinical Instructor; Lecturer on Law

headshot of Aminta Ossom

Aminta Ossom

Senior Clinical Instructor; Lecturer on Law

headshot of Daniel Levine Spound

Daniel Levine-Spound

Clinical Teaching Fellow, Supervising Attorney of HLS Advocates from Human Rights

Staff Members

Kelsey RyanProgram and Communications
Sanjana NayakProgram

In the News