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As the United States’ founding document and basic law, the U.S. Constitution defines the structure of government and articulates the rights and liberties of the people. Harvard Law students have the opportunity to learn and study constitutional law with leading experts who have shaped our understanding of the Constitution’s history, meaning, and interpretation.

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Preserve, Protect, and Defend

In his new book, Noah Feldman offers a fresh perspective on the decisions Abraham Lincoln made regarding the U.S. Constitution — many of which he…


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Criminal Justice Appellate Clinic

Students will participate in an externship with the Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center (“MJC”) in Washington, D.C., working on appeals before federal circuit courts…

Election Law Clinic

The Election Law Clinic offers Harvard Law students the opportunity to do hands-on litigation and advocacy work across a range of election law areas, with…

Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington Clinic

Students spend the entire Spring Term in Washington, D.C. working as legal interns in a variety of federal offices while taking an evening course on…

LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic

Student Work In the Harvard LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic (the “Clinic”), students work on cutting-edge issues involving LGBTQ+ rights, with a particular emphasis on issues affecting…

Religious Freedom Clinic

The clinic provides students a hands-on, supervised experience representing a diverse group of clients in legal matters raising First Amendment and religious liberty issues. As…

Sports Law Clinic

Sports Law clinical placements are in a variety of settings, including legal departments of major leagues or sports franchises, and with law firms and lawyers…

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Advanced Constitutional Law Fall 2023 Course Noah Feldman
Advanced Issues in Administrative Law and Theory Spring 2024 Seminar Adrian Vermeule, Cass Sunstein
Asian Americans and the Law Fall 2023 Seminar William Lee
Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy Spring 2024 Seminar Cass Sunstein
Capital Punishment Clinic Winter 2024 - Spring 2024 Clinic Carol Steiker
Capital Punishment in America Fall 2023 Course Carol Steiker
Climate Lawyering Spring 2024 Course Richard Lazarus
Communication, Law and Social Justice Fall 2023 Course Alan Jenkins
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