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Harvard Law students learn many different ideas about and competing explanations of the concept of law, as taught by some of America’s most accomplished legal philosophers and theorists in areas such as natural law, legal positivism, legal realism, critical legal studies, and much more.

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Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project Clinic

The Making Rights Real Clinic will build on a partnership between Professor White, Harvard Law School students, University of Ghana Law School faculty and students,…

Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinic

Students in the Clinic work to protect the rights of veterans and their families and persons with disabilities. Students can select among three project areas:…

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Course Term Instructor(s)
(Dis)illusionment for Young Lawyers Fall 2023 Course Richard Parker
Advanced Constitutional Law Fall 2023 Course Noah Feldman
Advanced Issues in Administrative Law and Theory Spring 2024 Seminar Adrian Vermeule, Cass Sunstein
Advanced Topics in Jewish Law and Legal Theory Spring 2024 Reading Group Noah Feldman
Animal Law Spring 2024 Course Kristen Stilt
Character and Self in the Modernist Novel Fall 2023 Reading Group Daniel Tarullo
Classical Liberalism and the Rule of Law Spring 2024 Seminar Raymond M. Kethledge
Comparative Law: Why Law? The Experience of China Spring 2024 Course William Alford
Compromise Fall 2023 Reading Group Sanford Levinson
Conceptions of Legal Entities Spring 2024 Seminar Reinier Kraakman
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