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Lawyers’ guidance of clients’ affairs – ranging from transactions to finance to personal and family arrangements – centrally involves the interaction of economics and the law. Similarly, much litigation and government regulation addresses problems that arise from this interaction. Harvard Law School’s longstanding leadership in teaching and scholarship in law and economics prepares students to be lawyers and helps to shape a wide range of public policies.

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Bankruptcy Spring 2024 Course Jared Ellias
Business Strategy for Lawyers Fall 2023 Course Kathryn Spier
Business Valuation and Analysis Spring 2024 Course Bala Dharan
Classical Liberalism and the Rule of Law Spring 2024 Seminar Raymond M. Kethledge
Community Enterprise Project of the Transactional Law Clinics Fall 2023 Clinic Noel Roycroft
Community Enterprise Project of the Transactional Law Clinics Spring 2024 Clinic Brian Price
Conceptions of Legal Entities Spring 2024 Seminar Reinier Kraakman
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