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Scott Brewer

Professor of Law

Scott Brewer
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Scott Brewer joined the Harvard Law School faculty full-time in 1991, having been a lecturer in 1988. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Harvard University (1997) and a J.D. from Yale Law School (1988), where he was the Editor-in-Chief for Volume 97 of the Yale Law Journal.  He was a law clerk for Judge Harry T. Edwards of the United States D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (1989-90) and then for Justice Thurgood Marshall on the United States Supreme Court (October Term 1990).  He teaches the basic courses on contracts and evidence as well as a variety of courses in jurisprudence and philosophy of law.  In 2011 he co-founded and continues to co-administer (with Professor Giovanni Sartor of the European University Institute) the annual Summer School on Law and Logic. He is also the founder and administrator of the Logocratic Academy, a forum that promotes the development, theoretical study and practical application of the Logocratic Method. The Logocratic Academy has both an online presence (at and a physical presence in a variety of courses, lectures, and workshops given by Professor Brewer.  Professor Brewer writes and teaches about the nature and uses of arguments (including but not limited to legal arguments), the role of arguments in law (and specifically, contract law and the law of evidence), politics, and “everyday life.”   He also teaches and writes about the central question of what constitutes a fulfilled life, as for example, in the course The Fulfilled Life and the Life of the Law, taught at Harvard Law School and in universities in Europe and Asia.