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Harvard Law School students have the opportunity to learn about law and political economy: the study of how law structures power in market societies, and how economy and polity structure each other. Courses cover diverse areas, from property, criminal law, and constitutional law and history to racial capitalism, labor, and the legal architecture of money. Some courses explore specific strategic interventions like the Green New Deal, universal basic income, or ending mass incarceration.

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Course Term Instructor(s)
Advanced Constitutional Law Fall 2023 Course Noah Feldman
Climate Change and the Politics of International Law Spring 2024 Course Anne Orford
Comparative Law: Why Law? The Experience of China Spring 2024 Course William Alford
Constitutional Law: First Amendment Fall 2023 Course Noah Feldman
Constitutional Law: Money and the Making of American Capitalism Spring 2024 Course Christine Desan
Corporations Spring 2024 Course Jon Hanson
Critical Corporate Theory Lab Fall 2023 Seminar Jon Hanson
Critical Race Theory Fall 2023 Seminar Kenneth Mack
Critical Race Theory Spring 2024 Seminar Kenneth Mack
Election Law Fall 2023 Course Nicholas Stephanopoulos
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