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A vitally important and complex set of rules governs which courts, or nonjudicial bodies, can hear which kinds of legal disputes, and how cases proceed in these venues from initiation to final resolution. Harvard Law has some of the nation’s top experts in civil and criminal procedure, from whom you will gain a deep understanding of federal and state court systems, including which courts have the power to hear and adjudicate particular disputes and the rules and practices by which these courts operate.

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Criminal Justice Institute

The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) offers a unique union of classroom instruction and hands-on experience for students who represent indigent adults and juvenile clients facing…

Federal Courts Clinic

The Federal Courts Clinic allows students to work with federal judges throughout the country and at different levels of the judicial system to gain a…

Government Lawyer: United States Attorney Clinic

The Government Lawyer: U.S. Attorney clinic allows students to examine firsthand the roles and responsibilities of a federal prosecutor. Students are placed at the United…

Judicial Process in Trial Courts Clinic

Clinical placements are available with individual judges of the District Court, Boston Municipal Court, Juvenile Court, and Housing Court Departments of the Massachusetts Trial Court,…

Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project Clinic

The Making Rights Real Clinic will build on a partnership between Professor White, Harvard Law School students, University of Ghana Law School faculty and students,…

Sports Law Clinic

Sports Law clinical placements are in a variety of settings, including legal departments of major leagues or sports franchises, and with law firms and lawyers…

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