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Leaders change the world through influence – by persuading others that something isn’t right, that there is a different way to approach the problem, to join an effort for change, or to talk across conflict and find better, more durable solutions. Whether a lawyer is a litigator or a dealmaker, a community organizer or in-house counsel, a policy-maker or a public interest advocate or a politician, lawyers will be negotiating daily with colleagues, clients, collaborators, constituents, or opposing counsel in order to get things done. Harvard Law School has long been a pioneer in the development of theory and practice of negotiation, and continues to lead the way in research, teaching, clinical opportunities, student groups and course offerings.

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Harvard Dispute Systems Design Clinic

Students in the Harvard Dispute Systems Design Clinic work on advanced client matters related to negotiation, mediation, and conflict management. Students develop a new set…

Harvard Legal Aid Bureau

The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB) is unique among HLS programs of clinical legal education in that its legal services program is student-run. Founded in…

International Human Rights Clinic

The International Human Rights Clinic works to protect the human rights of clients and communities around the world. Through supervised practice, students learn the responsibilities…

Judicial Process in Trial Courts Clinic

Clinical placements are available with individual judges of the District Court, Boston Municipal Court, Juvenile Court, and Housing Court Departments of the Massachusetts Trial Court,…

Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project Clinic

The Making Rights Real Clinic will build on a partnership between Professor White, Harvard Law School students, University of Ghana Law School faculty and students,…

Mediation Clinic

Clinic placements are with the Harvard Mediation Program (HMP), and offer the opportunity to co-mediate disputes filed in local courts with a focus on small…

Research Programs and Centers

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Course Term Instructor(s)
Advanced Negotiation: Fugitive Negotiation Fall 2022 Course Samuel Straus, Whitney Benns
Advanced Negotiation: Money, Negotiation & You Spring 2023 Course Sheila Heen
Advanced Negotiation: Multiparty Negotiation, Group Decision Making, and Teams Spring 2023 Course Rachel Viscomi, Sara Budish
Bankruptcy Fall 2022 Course Mark Roe
Bankruptcy Spring 2023 Course Jared Ellias
Contemporary Dilemmas in Dispute Resolution Fall 2022 Reading Group Sara Budish
Contract Design Winter 2023 Course Alexander Stremitzer
Designing Dispute Systems for Justice Fall 2022 Seminar Rachel Viscomi
Dispute Systems Design Clinical Seminar Fall 2022 Seminar Neil McGaraghan
Dispute Systems Design Clinical Seminar Spring 2023 Seminar Morgan Franklin
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