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Fall 2024 Course

Business Negotiations

Prerequisite: None

Exam Type: No Exam

Negotiation is an important skill that all attorneys will practice during the course of their legal careers. Many law students, however, are apprehensive about negotiating and lack confidence in their negotiation skills. In this course, students will learn fundamental negotiation principles, strategies and techniques to help them develop their negotiation skills and build confidence in their negotiation abilities. Through a series of simulated business transactions informed by real world corporate experiences, students will have the opportunity to practice their negotiation skills and develop their own personal negotiation style. Students will engage in: (1) negotiation preparation and planning, (2) matter/case evaluation, (3) client counseling and securing of informed client consent, (4) analysis of bargaining range and principled concession patterns, (5) problem-solving strategies, (6) information bargaining, and (7) dispute resolution. Students will consider ethical requirements and norms in negotiations. Students also will complete various written assignments, including reflection journals, negotiation plans and deal documentation. Students will learn to internalize habits of preparation, analysis, prediction, flexibility, and self-evaluation, which will support continuous improvement of their negotiation skills.