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With military, trade, and other conflicts across the globe, the laws governing interactions among and between nations can determine the fate of individuals, peoples, and nations. From agreements regulating the exchange of goods and services, to treaties governing the conduct of war, to international bodies like the United Nations and World Trade Organization, Harvard Law students delve deeply into the ways cross-border relationships are governed and how they affect the world.

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Food Law and Policy Clinic

The Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) provides students with the opportunity to practice using legal and policy tools in order to address the health,…

International Human Rights Clinic

The International Human Rights Clinic advances human rights around the world while training the next generation of advocates. Working closely with expert clinicians, law students take the…

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic

For over thirty years, the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (HIRC), in partnership with Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), has sought to advance immigrants’ rights.…

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China and the International Legal Order Spring 2025 Seminar Mark Wu
Climate Change and Human Rights: Legal Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship in Action Spring 2025 Seminar Tyler Giannini
Climate Change and the Politics of International Law Spring 2025 Course Anne Orford
Comparative and International Legal Struggles Over Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Fall 2024 Reading Group Alicia Yamin
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Comparative Law: Why Law? The Experience of China Spring 2025 Course William Alford
Conservative Thought in the United States Fall 2024 Seminar Jack Goldsmith
Crafting Change & Elevating Impact: Advanced Skills & Ethics in Human Rights Practice Fall 2024 Seminar Susan Farbstein
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