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Intro to Fellowships for 2Ls

Because many fellowships require you to pursue a project or position with a host organization and some fellowships have early deadlines, it is important to begin preparing during your 2L spring for the fellowship application process.

1L E-Advising Series: Choosing Clinics, Courses, and Extracurriculars for 2L Year

We are often asked by students interested in public service work about how to weigh their wide-ranging academic options while in law school. This advice is meant to offer broad guidance on the choices you may be contemplating. Please note that it is impossible to truly provide “one-size-fits-all” advice — if you have questions about particular options and how they might relate to your career plans, be sure to seek out an OPIA adviser. 

Graduate Employment Survey

If you have secured employment, please take a minute to complete the Graduate Employment Survey in CSM. The ABA requires all law schools to report the employment outcomes for its graduates pursuant to ABA Standard 509(b). The information you provide will be reported in the aggregate, will not be shared with anyone, and will allow us to comply with this ABA requirement.

If you are unsure of your start date, so that you can complete the survey, you may enter an estimated date and note in the survey that it is approximate. The Office of Career Services will follow up with you later in the spring for an updated start date.

International Legal Studies Postgraduate Fellowships, Deadline: January 12, 2024 

The International Legal Studies Postgraduate Fellowships fund a recent HLS graduate to clerk or intern in an international or foreign/supernational court or tribunal. Applicants should highlight their demonstrated interest in international or transnational law and how this fellowship would be significant for their career trajectory. If an applicant is unsure regarding eligibility of their host, they are encouraged to reach out directly to Andre Barbic ( at ILS. 

International Court of Justice, Deadline: January 8, 2024 

HLS may nominate one ICJ Fellow each year who seeks to deepen their understanding of international law and the Court’s processes. Among the 3 letters of recommendation, JDs/LLMs should choose international law faculty who can attest to applicant’s strong academic record and research and writing skills. CV/resume should highlight publications and exposure to complex litigation. Relevant writing sample under 15 pgs. should demonstrate facility with legal analysis and evidence. Some French proficiency expected. Sign up for advising with Judy Murciano by making a Fellowship appointment.

David A. Grossman Fund Fellowship, Deadline: January 5, 2024 

The DAG Fellowship seeks students and clerks with a commitment to community/movement lawyering demonstrated through clinical work and organizing. Project proposals should highlight innovative, impactful, sustainable social justice change and community buy-in.

Besides acquiring a host letter from a non-profit organization, applicants should choose 2 letters of recommendation: preferably at least one from Harvard clinical faculty. Sign up for a Fellowship Advising appointment in advance of submission to CARAT.