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Public Interest Summer Internships Increase in 2007

The New York Law Journal reports that the number of summer interns working in government or at non-profit organizations is up this year. This "bumper crop" of public interest summer interns is partially a result of the increased funding for such work from many law schools, making it much easier to find and accept positions.

U.N. Human Rights Chief Louise Arbour

Terry Gross of NPR's Fresh Air interviews Louise Arbour, the U.N.'s High Commissioner for Human Rights. Ms. Arbour, onetime chief prosecutor in the Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals, discusses U.S. policy on detainees in the fight against terrorism, as well as her position as a female lawyer and the differences between her work as a prosecutor and at the U.N.

Looking at Pakistan's Future

William Dalrymple’s recent piece in the New Yorker investigates the May lawyers’ demonstrations in the streets of Islamabad against the military government of President…

Can a Law Change a Society?

Last week’s Supreme Court decision declared that public schools can’t take explicit account of race to achieve integration, but will a colorblindness mandate succeed? New

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