On Law.com graduating students from various law schools reflect on a changing world economy and view the job market for private law firms, or public interest firms not as promising as just a few years ago.

The interesting part of the article is the issues and circumstances graduating 3Ls are facing are varied and while some see great opportunities in some law arenas, others still face uncertainty.

Take Ben Carlsen who is graduating from the University of Georgia Law School. He entered into law school in 2005, when the job market was robust and firms were hiring. Now, Carlsen sees things differently and has much different expectations. “‘We started applying to law school back in 2005. Most people expected to go into the market and make at least $100,000. That was the general consensus. Now the thought is: ‘I’m not going to get a $150,000 job. I just want a job with benefits.’ ‘”

To read more about what 3Ls across the country are thinking, read the full article available here.