In today’s fast-paced, electronic-minded world where thousands of jobs are posted online on sites such as CareerBuilder or Monster, it is easy to think that finding the right job is as easy as tying your shoes. Alina Tugend, reporting for The New York Times, points out, however, that face-to-face meetings, constant networking and reaching out in modest but effective ways, are just some of the things that you can do to get the job you want.
Job hunting is no picnic in the park and knowing how to go about finding the right job can be daunting. Tugend tries to highlight some of the essential approaches to networking which can be intimidating but are essential to any thorough job search.
Some of the tips centering around job hunting and networking included:
1.) Note what your goal is—not necessarily the long term goal of getting the job, but the immediate goal of the networking conversation you might be in.
2.) Treat job hunting like a job—every day set modest goals that can be accomplished—not overreaching ones that create too large a task.
3.) Don’t limit the way you communicate with people. Phones, emails and coffee talks are all effective ways to reach out.
4.) Think of your job hunt as a research project—learn about the firms you are applying to, the individuals you are attempting to connect with and the work the firms/companies do.
5.) Ask people to critique your “sales” pitch.
6.) Listen to the advice and messages you are getting–this will help hone your searches and be realistic when searching for positions.

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