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In an effort to help guide you in your public sector summer job search and beyond, we’d like to follow up with more details about the 1L advising process. According to Harvard Law School policy, 1Ls can receive career counseling starting October 15 and may apply for jobs starting December 1.

Because summer public interest funding is available to you, you are in the fortunate position of being able to take a volunteer position this summer. We encourage you to think broadly about your summer options; at the same time, it is important that you take the time to think through what summer positions make sense for you and apply carefully and thoughtfully. OPIA advisors can help you think through the varied opportunities available to you for summer employment in an individual advising appointment.

Please refer back to this post for guidance! Also, remember that there is a wealth of information available in our 1L Guide to Summer Jobs, in our career and application guides, summer job search FAQs,and in the Public Service section of Helios.

Scheduling an advising appointment

You can review advisor bios and schedule an appointment online.

Any of our general advisors can help you begin your job search; choose one of the “general advising” options if you are in the early stages of exploration. Alternatively, you can select a particular substantive area from the options in the online appointment system if you have identified specific interests. Please do not email OPIA or individual advisors asking for an advising appointment as all 1Ls should be using our online appointment system.

So that we can accommodate all students, please limit yourself to one appointment initially. After you have met with an advisor, you may schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary.

What to bring to your advising appointment

Please be sure to bring a copy of any self-assessment materials that you have completed. Review the 1L self-assessment materials , as well as our list of self-assessment questions.

Resume and cover letter review

After October 15, OPIA also offers resume and cover letter review for 1Ls. Be sure to follow our suggestions for formatting and editing resumes and cover letters before you use the review service. In addition, you should review the online OCS and OPIA resume and cover letter workshops.

We will review one resume and one cover letter per student per year; if you are primarily interested in our cover letter review service, you must include your resume for reference. To take advantage of our review service, please complete our resume and cover letter review request form, uploading your materials as Word docs. Submissions will be returned in 10-14 business days with edits and comments.

Upcoming events

You will continue to get event emails from us at the beginning of each week. We continuously update our events on the HLS calendar; you can find a feed of upcoming events near the bottom of our homepage.

Mark your calendar

Mark your calendar