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How can the law help us better react to the next pandemic, or safeguard the food we eat and the medications we take? With numerous centers, programs, and clinics, including the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics, the Center for Health Law Policy and Innovation, and the Food Law and Policy Clinic, Harvard Law offers countless opportunities to learn from experts about the law’s role in promoting individual and public health and safety.

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Food Law and Policy Clinic

The Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) provides students with the opportunity to practice using legal and policy tools in order to address the health,…

Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington Clinic

Students spend the entire Spring Term in Washington, D.C. working as legal interns in a variety of federal offices while taking an evening course on…

Health Law and Policy Clinic

Students enrolled in the Health Law and Policy Clinic will work on cutting-edge legislative, regulatory, and litigation projects at the state and national levels aimed…

International Human Rights Clinic

The International Human Rights Clinic advances human rights around the world while training the next generation of advocates. Working closely with expert clinicians, law students take the…

Research Programs and Centers

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Advertising Law Spring 2024 Course Rebecca Tushnet
Animal Law Spring 2024 Course Kristen Stilt
Comparative and International Legal Struggles Over Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Fall 2023 Reading Group Alicia Yamin
Critical Corporate Theory Lab Fall 2023 Seminar Jon Hanson
Drug Product Liability Litigation Fall 2023 Course Peter Grossi
Drug Product Liability Litigation Fall 2023 Course Peter Grossi
Food and Drug Law Winter 2024 Course Peter Barton Hutt
Food Law and Policy Fall 2023 Seminar Emma Scott, Trevor Findley
Food Law and Policy Spring 2024 Seminar Emily Broad Leib
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