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Writing groups provide an opportunity for faculty and students to engage in a collaborative experience in which students learn from one another as well as their professor. The groups for academic year 2022-2023 will be offered in Fall 2022, Spring 2023, across the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms (Fall-Winter), and across the full year (Fall-Spring). The list of faculty offering writing groups in 2022-2023, along with their corresponding topics, is below.

Participation in a writing group requires enrollment in a two or three credits of independent written work supervised by the writing group faculty member. Groups require a minimum of four students and are limited to a maximum of eight students. Students enrolled in a Writing Group will receive one classroom credit (the full year group will be reflected in the spring; the fall-winter group will be reflected in the fall) and will be graded on the Credit/Fail grading scale.  The corresponding writing project will be graded under the regular HLS scale in the manner ordinary for written work.  For participation in the writing group, students must be registered in written work for a minimum of two writing credits.  Groups are expected to meet for twelve hours of instructional time over the course of the year (for Fall-Spring groups) or the semester (for Fall or Spring groups). The meeting schedule for each writing group will be determined after enrollment is finalized.


Writing groups are open to upper-level J.D. and LL.M. students committed to writing a two-credit or three-credit paper in accordance with the written work requirement applicable to their degree program as outlined in Section I(K) and Section II(A)(6) of the Handbook of Academic Policies for J.D. and LL.M. students respectively. Papers must align with the topic the writing group is focused on and students should be prepared to make a firm commitment to joining a writing group.


Students interested in joining a writing group should discuss a paper topic in advance with the professor offering the group most closely related to their area of study. Enrollment into the writing group classroom component will be on a by-permission basis.

  • Students enrolling in a Writing Group offering are required to submit a signed Writing Group Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office by the following deadlines:
    • FALL TERM and FALL-WINTER – Monday, September 12, 2022
    • FULL YEAR (Fall/Spring) – Friday, October 14, 2022
    • SPRING TERM – Friday, February 3, 2023
  • Writing credits can be placed in the fall, winter, or spring terms, while the group classroom credit will be placed in the fall term for fall only and fall-winter offerings, or spring term for the full year and spring only offerings.
  • Students should ensure that there is space in their schedule for these credits, keeping in mind that the fall and spring term credit maximum for JD students is sixteen credits each term; the fall and spring credit maximum for LL.M students is thirteen and twelve credits, respectively; and in the winter term, all students are limited to a single enrollment of two or three credits.

*Note the deadlines for Writing Groups are earlier than the published deadlines for J.D. and LL.M. written work.

First NameLast NameWriting Group TitleTerm
MatthewStephensonWriting Group: Administrative Law, Legislation, and Statutory InterpretationFall Term
WilliamAlfordWriting Group: Comparative Law, International Law, or Legal History Involving East AsiaFall/Spring Terms
ChrisBavitzWriting Group: Technology Law and PolicyFall/Spring Terms
GabriellaBlumWriting Group: Public International Law and International Conflict ManagementFall/Spring Terms
NikoBowieWriting Group: How Does Change Happen?Fall/Spring Terms
MollyBradyWriting Group: Property, Land Use, and Local GovernmentFall/Spring Terms
ThomasBrennanWriting Group: TaxationFall/Spring Terms
GlennCohenWriting Group: Health Law/Bioethics/Pharmaceuticals and the LawFall/Spring Terms
RyanDoerflerWriting Group: The Role of Courts/Theories of InterpretationFall/Spring Terms
SusanFarbsteinWriting Group: Human RightsFall/Spring Terms
MichaelGregoryWriting Group: Children’s Law and PolicyFall/Spring Terms
JamesGreinerWriting Group: Empirical Legal StudiesSpring Term
JamesGreinerWriting Group: Trial courts: criminal justice reform and civil access to justiceSpring Term
JonHansonWriting Group: The Problem of Corporate PowerFall/Spring Terms
HowellJacksonWriting Group: Financial Regulation, Consumer Financial Protection, and Federal Budget PolicyFall/Spring Terms
ElizabethKamaliWriting Group: Legal HistoryFall/Spring Terms
NazModirzadehWriting Group: Public International Law; International Law and Armed Conflict; International Law and WarFall/Spring Terms
RuthOkedijiWriting Group: Artificial Intelligence and LawSpring Term
StephenSachsWriting Group: The Original ConstitutionFall/Spring Terms
CarolSteikerWriting Group: Criminal Law, Procedure, and PolicyFall/Spring Terms
KristenStiltWriting Group: Law and the Anthropocene: ways in which law is part of the problem or part of the solution in our planetary crisis; topics might focus on animal law; environmental law; human rights law (including migration due to climate change); food law; and any other related topicFall/Spring Terms
RebeccaTushnetWriting Group: Intellectual Property and Content ModerationFall/Spring Terms
MarkWuWriting Group: International Trade, Sanctions and/or Economic StatecraftFall/Spring Terms
ScottBrewerWriting Group: Jurisprudence/Philosophy of LawSpring Term
SusanCrawfordWriting Group: Climate-related topics including adaptation and mitigationSpring Term
BenEidelsonWriting Group: Law and PhilosophySpring Term
JacobGersenWriting Group: Problems in Public LawSpring Term
Jeannie SukGersenWriting Group: Topics in Criminal Law, Due Process, Equal Protection, Family Law, Sexual Harassment, Sexuality, Title IXSpring Term
JanetHalleyWriting Group: Isaac Royall, Jr. and Belinda Sutton in the ArchiveSpring Term
DavidKennedyWriting Group: Critical Legal Theory/Political EconomySpring Term
ChrisLewisWriting Group: Inequality, Justice, and the Criminal Legal SystemSpring Term
LucieWhiteWriting Group: Africanist Perspectives on Economic DevelopmentSpring Term