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Law’s profound impact on children and families encompasses both the private realm of intimate relationships—marriage, divorce, adoption, custody, childrearing—and the public governmental systems that determine access to resources and services—education, health care, immigration, employment, taxation. With a range of courses to choose from and clinics and programs focused on family law, youth advocacy and policy, and LGBTQ+ advocacy, Harvard Law offers students the opportunity to understand the myriad ways the legal system influences people’s daily lives.

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Family and Domestic Violence Law Clinic

The Family and Domestic Violence Law Clinic of the Legal Services Center focuses on offering clients legal assistance on divorce, paternity, child and spousal support, protective…

Education Law Clinic / Trauma & Learning Policy Initiative

The Education Law Clinic is part of a program called the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI), a nationally recognized collaboration between Harvard Law School…

International Human Rights Clinic

The International Human Rights Clinic advances human rights around the world while training the next generation of advocates. Working closely with expert clinicians, law students take the…

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Course Term Instructor(s)
Access to Justice in the Digital World Spring 2023 Reading Group Leah Plunkett
Advanced Clinical Practice Fall-Spring 2022 Course Stephanie Goldenhersh
Art of Social Change Spring 2023 Course Crisanne Hazen, Michael Gregory
Child Advocacy Clinic Spring 2023 Clinic Crisanne Hazen
Child Advocacy Clinic Fall 2022 Clinic Crisanne Hazen
Child Advocacy Clinic Winter-Spring 2023 Clinic Crisanne Hazen
Comparative Family Law: Marriage, Divorce and Property in the Islamic, Jewish and Western Legal Systems Fall 2022 Reading Group Havva Guney-Ruebenacker
Estate Planning Spring 2023 Seminar Marc Bloostein
Family Law Spring 2023 Course Janet Halley
Financial and Legal Needs of Low and Moderate Income Households Spring 2023 Seminar Jeanne Charn
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