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There are several local storage companies in the area for students to utilize for storing their belongings during the summer. Some of them will work with Harvard students to pick-up, store, and even deliver their belongings to their new spaces. Many students have found exceptional service using these non-affiliated companies.

Below is information on some of the many storage services found in the area:

The above storage companies are in no way affiliated with or contracted by Harvard University or Harvard Law School. This page is not an official endorsement or recommendation of these non-affiliated companies, but should be considered a resource. Harvard Law School and Harvard University are not responsible for contracts between a student and an outside company, and are not responsible for items stored in storage facilities. There are many other companies that advertise storage for students, which can be found through internet searches and on-campus advertisements.

Please note that HLS and Facilities are not able to store items for students anywhere on campus. Students are responsible for arranging storage and moving their belongings before they check out of their spring housing assignment. Any item left in a room after check out will be discarded and the student may be subject to a cleaning fee.​

Delivery of items in storage to the student’s fall housing assignment/residence hall will not be permitted before the student has returned to campus and checked into their fall assignment.




Updated as of January 2020.