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Please check the table below to find out if you are eligible for HLS Housing or Harvard University Housing (HUH). Please note eligibility exceptions cannot be made.

HLS HousingHarvard University Housing
J.D. StudentYesYes
L.L.M. StudentYesYes
S.J.D. StudentYesYes
Students with partner, children, or petsNoYes*
ILS Exchange StudentsYesYes**
FacultyNo Yes
Non-HLS Harvard StudentNo Yes
Visiting Scholar/ResearcherNoYes**
Berkeley-Harvard ExchangeYesYes
*Note that most but not all HUH units allow spouses/partners and families and or pets.
**Note that HUH leases are valid for an entire 1-year lease cycle and are not available for shorter terms.

Housing Calendar

Review the Housing Calendar. Please remember that these dates are set based on the academic calendar.

Room Fee Rates

Review the Residence Rates. Please make sure to review these rates and speak with Student Financial Services (J.D.s) or the Graduate Program (LL.M.s/S.J.D.s) to confirm which room types are within your budget.

Cancellation Policy and Deadlines

For information on cancelling an HLS Housing room reservations click here.