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To apply for HLS housing, you must be:

Registering as a full-time student at Harvard Law School for the term in which you seek housing.

Seeking accommodations for yourself only. HLS Housing does not accommodate partners, children, relatives, or pets.

Full Academic Year Application Process

  • Step 1: Apply

    Submit your housing application by your deadline to be entered into the lottery for a room selection time.

    All applications are weighted equally for the lottery room selection time.  As long as your housing application has been properly completed and submitted (confirmed with an email) you will receive a room selection time.

  • Step 2: Check

    Check your email on the lottery announcement date to see your lottery day and time for room selection.

    On your lottery day and time the HLS Housing portal will open allowing you to select and reserve a room.

  • Step 3: Prepare

    Be prepared by reviewing housing options until your lottery day and time arrive.

    Become familiar with the resident hall:

    • Location in relation to the HLS campus
    • Amenities available
    • Cancellation policy based on the resident hall
    • Room cost and if it is billed per semester or monthly
    • Review the available floor plans

    We encourage you to have a list of 3-5 room locations you would be comfortable in reserving in the event your first choice is not available.

  • Step 4: Sign

    Once you select a room you will be asked to sign your room license agreement (dorm-style rooms) or an apartment lease (apartment-style rooms).

    Please make sure you are aware of the cancellation policy for the room you have selected.

    If you are unsure of a room, you may hold it for 24-hours as a tentative reservation.  If you do not return to the housing portal to sign your room license agreement/apartment lease before the 24-hours expire, your tentative reservation will be cancelled.  At that time the room will automatically be released and placed back into room inventory.

  • Step 5: Swap

    Before room assignments are final you are able to room swap as many times as you would like.  Each time you do swap it will cause you to sign a new residence license agreement.  Those who have signed an apartment lease will not have the ability to room swap.

  • Step 6: Finalize

    Your Housing Assignment* will be finalized later in the summer when Room Selection ends. You can find the end date on the Room Selection Dates page.

    (*Dorm rooms only. Apartment assignments are finalized as soon as a student signs their HLS Apartment Lease)

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