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Room Selection Dates

Forming a Group

Forming a Group

  • Know the Basics

    2Ls, 3Ls, and returning SJDS will be able to create groups with anywhere from 2 to 7 students in that group. Groups are created during the HAHLS housing application process, and must be formed and verified by the end of the housing application deadline. Students will not be able to create groups or join groups after the application deadline. See Housing Application Dates for information on deadlines. Groups can be created or joined on the “Suitemate Group” page of the HAHLS application. The HAHLS group pages will walk you through the basic process of creating a group or joining a group that someone else has already created.

    • Returning students can group with any other returning students, meaning a 3L can groups with a 2L and/or a returning SJD.
    • Students in groups will receive the same room selection window, but being in a group in no way improves your chances of getting a better room selection window or even getting a room selection window at all.
    • Students in a group have the option of selecting a suite together, but they do not have to select as a group if they later change their mind. Students in a group can still decide to individually select their own room outside of the group.
    • Groups do not have to be exactly the same size as the number of rooms available in a suite. This means that a group of 3 students can still select to live in 5 Mellen St even though that house has 7 rooms.
    • Each group must have one student who is the group leader. The group leader is the student who creates the group.
  • Create a Group

    • Group leaders will be able to assign members of their groups, as well as themselves, to rooms during room selection.
    • Once a group leader has created a group, he should give the group name and group password to everyone he wants to group with. Those students will then enter that information on the “Join Group” page when they fill out their own HAHLS housing applications. The group leader will be notified by automatic email every time a student joins his group.
    • Group leaders must make sure to “Verify” their groups prior to the deadline for HAHLS applications. Group leaders can verify their group on the “Suitemate Group” page of the HAHLS application.
    • Every time a student joins a group or removes himself from a group, the group will become unverified, and the group leader will get an auto-generated email letting him know that his group has become unverified. The group leader will need to make sure to log back into HAHLS to re-verify his group prior to the end of the housing application period.
    • Group leaders can remove group members from their groups on the “Suitemate Group” page of the HAHLS application. Remember to re-verify the group once you have deleted a member.
    • Group leaders can delete the group that they created on the “Suitemate Group” page of the HAHLS application.
    • Group leaders can check the status of their group at any time on the “Suitemate Group” page of the HAHLS application.
  • Room Selection

    • Group leaders will be able to assign themselves and the rest of their group to adjoining rooms during the room selection period. The HAHLS portal instructions will walk you through this process once your room selection window opens. However, some important exceptions to note about assigning rooms:
      • Only group leaders will be able to assign other members to rooms. However, students who are group members will still be able to assign themselves to a room should they ultimately decide not to select with their group. A group leader will be unable to assign a group member if that group member has previously selected a room on his own.
      • Group leaders have the option to assign only part of their group. For example, if you created a group of 3 students hoping to go after 3 Mellen St, but another group claimed that house first, you can then assign yourself and one other member of your group to a Hastings 2 bedroom suite. The third member will have to select their own room.
  • Sign Your Contract

    • Once a group leader assigns himself and other students to rooms, everyone will need to sign their own housing contracts within three days of the rooms being selected. This means that every student in that group must login to HAHLS and sign his own contract. Room reservations will expire for any student who has not signed his contract within 3 days of the room being selected. Group leaders should make sure to notify the other group members once he has assigned them to rooms.
  • Future Options

      • If one of the suitemates, for any reason, cancels his HAHLS application, it will dissolve the group that he is in. However, it will not delete the application of his suitemate. If the suitemate cancels after room selection, cancelling will delete the group booking.
      • Once group members have been assigned to a room, any member of that group can individually swap their room using Room Swap.