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Alert COVID-19 Update

Harvard University and Harvard Law School shifted to remote teaching and learning, as of Monday, March 23. For more information and the latest updates, please visit the HLS coronavirus information page.



To Apply for Harvard Law School Housing, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Plan to register as a full-time student at Harvard Law School for the term in which you seek housing
  2. Intend to live individually (HLS Housing does not accommodate partners, children, or relatives)


Note: Please read through all steps (below) on this entire page to find the application link.

Full Academic Year Application Process

The Housing Application is submitted through an online portal called “HAHLS” (Home at Harvard Law School). Application deadlines are established based on your student classification for the upcoming semester.

There are three large-scale Room Selection Processes, and each one has its own deadlines. The inventory of rooms on campus are divided between the three processes:

In addition to these groups, Exchange Students and Transfer Students are allowed to participate in smaller processes later in the summer.


  • Step 1 - Apply.

    Submit your application by your deadline to be entered into the lottery for a Room Selection Window. Each classification (Returning student, Incoming JD, and Incoming LLM) has a separate application deadline and series of Room Selection Windows.

    There is no advantage to submitting your application early, as all applications submitted by your application deadline will be placed in the lottery for a Room Selection Window.

  • Step 2 - Check.

    Check your e-mail on the designated date to see if you were drawn for a Room Selection Window.

  • Step 3 - Select.

    • If you received a room selection window, begin selecting and shopping for a room at your designated date and room selection window time.
    • If you applied on time, but did not receive a Room Selection Window, begin selecting a room the day after your classification’s Room Selection Windows end.
    • If you applied after your classification’s designated application deadline, you can select a room at a later designated date.

    See your classification’s Room Selection Dates and Deadlines

  • Step 4 - Sign.

    Once you select a room, you will have 72 hours to sign your Room License Agreement (dorm-style rooms) or Apartment Lease (apartment-style rooms).

  • Step 5 - Shop.

    Keep shopping! Since cancellations and room swaps occur throughout the summer, you are free to log back on and use the Room Swap Tool to change your room as many times as you would like, even after signing your Residence License Agreement.*

    (*Dorm rooms only – once an apartment lease is signed for an apartment, the assignment is finalized.)

  • Step 6 - Finalize.

    Your Housing Assignment* will be finalized later in the summer when Room Selection ends. You can find the end date on the Room Selection Dates page.

    (*Dorm rooms only. Apartment assignments are finalized as soon as a student signs their HLS Apartment Lease)


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