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Curriculum and Planning Resources

The resources below will help you explore HLS course offerings and connect with others that can assist in planning your path through and beyond HLS.

General Curriculum Resources

Use the below links to explore the course catalog, keep up to date on the latest catalog changes, or peruse syllabi archive or Canvas pages.

Overview of the Course and Clinic Selection Process

Course and Clinic Selection at HLS is a multi-phase process with different periods and rounds throughout the year. LL.M. students generally register for the full year in the summer prior to matriculation. Upper-level J.D. students have various rounds in mid to late-fall and late-spring. 1L J.D. students are assigned a course schedule in the summer prior to matriculation, and then have JET and spring elective rounds in mid to late-fall.

Once each registration period concludes, all HLS students are generally able to add and drop courses and clinics until the add/drop deadline for a given term. Note that some courses and clinics may have add/drop deadlines earlier than the term deadline; if an earlier deadline exists, it will be reflected in the course catalog description.  In the fall and spring terms, the Firesale takes place immediately following the add/drop deadline, giving students one last chance to enroll in courses with open seats for which they have been on the waitlist.

Planning Your Time at HLS

Use the Handbook of Academic Policies, degree requirement quick-reference guide, and Programs of Study to plan your time at HLS. Additionally, use Amicus to connect with your faculty advisors, BSAs, other students, or mentors. Don’t forget to check on your degree progress with the Degree Audit (available in the Academic Records tab) in HELIOS!

Course Registration Procedures and Resources

The below resources can assist in guiding you through the registration process.

HLS Course Registration Procedures

Find out more about the process of each registration round, add/drop and waitlist functionality in HELIOS, the Firesale, and how the enrollment algorithm works.

Important Dates

  • Upcoming Registration Dates – AY2024-2025

    Clinical Selection

    • Opens Tuesday March 26th at 9am
    • Closes Thursday March 28th at 5pm
    • Results Available in Helios by 5pm on Monday April 1st

    Multi-section Course Selection

    • Opens Tuesday April 2nd at 9am
    • Closes Thursday April 4th at 5pm
    • Results Available in Helios by 5pm on Monday April 8th

    Legal Profession Course Selection (3Ls only) 

    • Opens Tuesday April 9th at 9am
    • Closes Wednesday April 10th at 5pm
    • Results Available in Helios by 5pm on Friday, April 12th

    Fall Elective Selection 

    • Opens  Saturday April 13th at 9am
    • Closes Tuesday April 16th at 5pm
    • Results Available in Helios by 5pm on Thursday April 18th
  • Waitlist Processing, 2024-2025

    Waitlist processing updates will be posted here for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • Add/Drop 2024-2025

    Add/Drop dates for the 2024-2025 AY will be posted before registration begins.

    • Fall, Fall-Winter & Fall-Spring Clinics  –
    • 1L Fall Courses ADD Deadline (LLMs only)  –
    • 1L Fall Courses DROP Deadline (LLMs only)  –
    • Fall & Fall-Spring Courses  –
    • Fall & Fall-Spring Firesale  –
    • Winter & Winter-Spring Clinics  –
    • Winter 1L Jterm Courses  –
    • Winter & Winter-Spring Courses   –
    • Spring Clinics  –
    • 1L Spring Courses ADD Deadline (LLMs only)  –
    • 1L Spring Courses DROP Deadline (LLMs only)  –
    • Spring Courses –
    • Spring Firesale –


    All term drop deadlines supersede any window for waiting list offers.
    Please note: Clinics and some courses may have different deadlines. Read the course descriptions for course-specific details.

  • Ask the Registrar Dates | Spring 2024

    We will have an Ask the Registrar table at the base of the Hark ramp from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on the following days:

    • Tuesday April 2nd
    • Wednesday April 3rd
    • Wednesday April 10th
    • Friday April 12th
    • Monday April 15th
    • Tuesday April 16th

2023-2024 Course Information

View the courses that are part of an upcoming registration round or courses that will satisfy a particular graduation requirement.  The Course Reference Guide is a list of all courses, including scheduling and program capacities, to assist in the course selection process. Note that by-permission courses are not included in course preferencing registration rounds; these courses typically involve an application process and admittance is processed outside of HELIOS.

Clinic Registration

HLS offers a variety of in-house, externship, and other clinical opportunities that can enhance your legal education. Explore these opportunities and the clinical registration process through the links below.

Detailed information regarding the clinical curriculum and associated registration deadlines can be found on the Clinical Registration page. Please note that clinics and their associated clinical seminars and courses have earlier drop deadlines than regular classes.  Students enrolled in a clinic should pay special attention to the clinic’s drop deadline as they plan their schedules.  More information about these deadlines can be found in each of the clinic’s description in the HLS Course Catalog.

Students interested in clinics are encouraged to attend ClinicTalks or schedule an appointment with a clinical advisor.


Most LL.M. and upper-level J.D. students may cross-register at other Harvard schools, the Fletcher School at Tufts, and at MIT, which may complement your studies at HLS. The cross-registration petition and enrollment periods typically happen right before the beginning of each term. J.D. students eligible to cross-register may apply up to 12 credits toward the J.D. degree, and LL.M. students may apply up to six credits toward the LL.M. degree.

Written Work Registration

All J.D. and LL.M. students have a written work requirement for graduation, and in addition, can enroll in optional written work beyond the graduation requirement. Registration for writing credit and for the graduation requirement are paper processes completed outside of HELIOS.