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What is a Firesale?

  • The Firesale is a process in which students have an opportunity to request open seats in classes which they were waitlisted for and did not previously receive an offer.
  • After add/drop closes, if a course with a waitlist has open seats, any student on the waitlist may request a seat by participating in the Firesale.
  • After receiving the Firesale email, students submit form requests to the Office of the Registrar noting the course they wish to enroll in. The form link will be included in the Firesale email.
  • All Firesale requests are processed in waitlist priority order.

Who is eligible?

  • Any student who remained on a waitlist for a particular course which had open seats at the end of the add/drop period is eligible to participate in the Firesale.
  • It is recommended that students who enroll in a class via the Firesale have a strong interest in the new course and whenever possible should plan to attend class during the first week of the term so that they have a full understanding of the new course and are not behind in any course work.

What are the rules of the Firesale?

  • Students will be permitted to drop courses in order to add new courses as part of the Firesale. However, drops will not be processed if the Firesale enrollment request is denied.
  • Firesale requests will not be considered if the student is ineligible for enrollment for any reason, including schedule conflicts, credit overloads, and lack of prerequisites, and the student has not provided instructions for resolving ineligibility in the Firesale form. Written permission from the faculty to waive prerequisites must accompany Firesale responses.
  • Courses added via the Firesale are final. Any drops of Firesale-enrolled courses are subject to the usual course withdrawal rules (incur a WD) and procedures. If you drop a different class as part of a Firesale request, you will not be permitted to re-enroll in that class even if you subsequently withdraw from your Firesale enrollment.

When does the Firesale take place?

  • The next business day after the add/drop period closes in the fall and spring terms only; we do not offer the Firesale for winter term courses. 
  • The entire process takes place in a single day. 

How do I participate in the Firesale?

  • Eligible students will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office the morning of the scheduled day with instructions for responding and requesting enrollments. Responses will be due at a specified time the same day. 
  • Final Results can be viewed in Helios the following morning of the Firesale. The official Final Results date and time will be listed in the Firesale communication. Any schedule changes viewed earlier than the listed Final Results date and time are not final and may be subject to change.
  • Due to the high volume of requests, results will not be sent in individual emails. Students who submit requests will be responsible for reviewing their schedules in Helios after the Firesale to confirm changes and ensure requests were processed.