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The Harvard Law School directory, community-building platform, and advising network

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“Some of the highlights of my time at Harvard Law have been the very incredible mentors that I’ve been able to spend time with and learn from.” 

 —William Greenlaw ’22

Advising Topics

Advising opportunities through HLS Amicus are comprehensive, focused on supporting law school students in every aspect of their experience. In addition to career guidance, students can reach out to peers, faculty, and alumni to discuss many topics, including:

  • Balancing parenthood and legal practice
  • Career advising (both general career advising and summer job advising)
  • Career advising for foreign legal associates
  • Careers in academia (including clinical teaching)
  • Careers in non-law fields
  • Clerkship advising (U.S.)
  • Fellowships advising
  • Issues facing first generation attorneys
  • Issues facing International J.D.
  • Issues facing lawyers with disabilities
  • Issues of gender in the legal profession
  • Issues of race in the legal profession
  • LGBTQ+ issues in the legal profession
  • L.L.M. advising
  • Managing a transnational career
  • Navigating law school (including course selection, clinic selection, extracurriculars, and managing work load and stress)
  • Navigating loan repayment and LIPP
  • Pro bono work in private practice
  • J.D. advising
  • Transitioning between private and public sector
  • Veterans’ issues in the legal profession
  • Work life balance/time management in the legal profession