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Benefit From the Knowledge and Experience of HLS Alumni Through Amicus

The great thing about student/alumni connections through the Amicus platform is that it creates two convenient, secure options — occasional advising (Amicus Student-Alumni Connect) or more formal mentoring (Amicus Mentors) — that allow you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of HLS alumni.


  • Amicus Student-Alumni Connect consists of HLS alumni profiles that HLS students can search.
  • The goal of the network is for HLS students to identify and reach out to HLS alumni with quick questions or advice about their upcoming careers.
  • Student-Alumni Connect is NOT for recruiting, asking for jobs/interviews or solicitation of any kind. Please see the Amicus Terms and Conditions for appropriate uses of the site.
  • To search for an alumnus/alumna go to the Search button. You can search by keyword, location, advising topics or by name, similar to that in the student directory.
  • Alumni will not be able to see student profiles unless you reach out and connect with them through Amicus. Once an email is sent from a student, the alumnus/alumna that was contacted will be able to view your public Amicus profile.