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  1. Both parties are expected to uphold the highest standards for professional behavior in all interactions.
  2. The parties should be respectful of each other’s experiences and perspectives and respect the boundaries set by each other.
  3. Both parties should treat any conversations through Amicus as confidential.
  4. Students are responsible for initiating contact with prospective mentors.
  5. Mentors should respond to students within one week, but ideally within 48 hours.
  6. If mentors are too busy to take on a student during the time a student reaches out, mentors should notify the Amicus team of their unavailability at to be taken out of the mentor pool so that the student can be assigned another mentor.
  7. Ideally, a good match means that mentors and students will stay in touch over time, but it may also be the case that the needs of the parties are met in one meeting.
  8. Maintenance of the relationships is left primarily to students, though both parties are expected to uphold these principles.
  9. This program is not intended to serve as recruitment tool. Students should not contact mentors with the purpose of obtaining a job with the mentor’s employer and mentors should not actively recruit students.