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Examinations at Harvard Law School are administered by the Office of the Registrar and taken on Exam4 software. Examinations are anonymous, and self-identification of any kind is not permitted. Self-identification may result in disallowance of the exam. Students may not discuss individual exam scheduling arrangements with faculty members. For more information about HLS’ exam policies, please see the Handbook of Academic Policies. For exam questions, please contact

If you are requesting disability-related exam accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at

Exam Support

The Dean of Students office can provide support for a wide range of personal circumstances during exam period, including personal and medical emergencies and exam deferrals.

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Exam Schedules

Exam Types – Information and Policies

Other Important Resources

Request Previous Exam Copy of Responses

For any student wishing to request their submitted exam answers please fill out the Harvard Law School | Official Exam Request Form. Requests will be processed once all grades for a particular term are released.

Exam responses are for those exams administered in Exam4 by the Registrar’s Office only.

You must include the correct term exam ID. These can be found on your Helios account’s home page.

HLS Official Exam Question Archives

Explore the Exam Archive to search for and view exams offered from fall 2010 to present.