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Note: For all exams, the clock starts when you download the exam from the Exam4 website.  Please note the following instructions based on the exam type assigned to your exam (see “Type” column in the schedule below).

  • For exams designated as “ODTH”, you must download the questions between 8:00 and 8:30am ET.  Your completed exam must be uploaded the specified number of hours from the time you download the questions, or by 4:30pm on the exam day, whichever time is earlier.

Exam type key: LCTH = last class takehome, ODTH = One-day takehome

CarfagnaSports and the Law: Representing the Professional AthleteFridayDistributed during the last classDue by 4:30pm 1/20LCTHTAKEHOME
GordonMergers & AcquisitionsFriday20-JanTBDODTHTAKEHOME
WhitingCriminal Procedure: InvestigationsFriday20-JanTBDIn ClassTBD