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A course in Professional Responsibility is a mandatory JD degree requirement, and is recommended for LLMs who expect to take the NY Bar. (LLMs needing more information about NY Bar requirements should contact the Graduate Program at  Below are the courses that will satisfy the JD requirement and will be included in the Legal Profession registration rounds for both JDs and LLMs.


Legal Profession: Collaborative Law (Hoffman, David)
Legal Profession: Understanding the Plaintiff’s Attorney (Rubenstein, William)
Legal Profession (Wilkins, David)
Legal Profession (Wacks, Jamie)
Legal Profession (Ossei-Owusu, Shaun)


Legal Profession: Government Ethics – Scandal and Reform (Rizzi & Borden) 
Legal Profession (DeStefano, Michele)


Legal Profession (Wacks, Jamie)
Legal Profession: Public Interest Lawyering (Wacks, Jamie)
Legal Profession (Gordon-Reed, Annette)
Legal Profession (Okediji, Ruth)
Legal Profession: Government Lawyering (Gargeya & Gardner)

Other Courses

The following is a list of courses which also satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement. These courses are not part of the Legal Profession round of registration.

Criminal Justice Institute: Defense Theory and Practice (Umunna, Dehlia)
Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington Clinical Seminar (Wroblewski, Jonathan)
Introduction to Advocacy: Civil Legal Aid Ethics, Theory, and Practice (Lawrence, Eloise & Caramello, Esme)
Criminal Prosecution Clinical Seminar (Corrigan, John)