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2022-2023 Multi-Section Courses


Administrative Law (Freeman, Jody)
Bankruptcy (Roe, Mark)
Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Feldman, Noah)
Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Parker, Richard)
Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Fallon, Richard)
Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Fried, Charles)
Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and Fourteenth Amendment (Klarman, Michael)*
Corporations (Catan, Emiliano)
Corporations (Spamann, Holger)
Corporations (Spamann, Holger)
Criminal Procedure: Investigations (Crespo, Andrew)
Evidence (Brewer, Scott)
Evidence (Rubin, Peter)
Evidence (Schulman, Emily)
Evidence (Lvovsky, Anna)
Evidence (Murray, Peter)
Federal Courts and the Federal System (Goldsmith, Jack)
Public International Law (Modirzadeh, Naz)
Taxation (Abrams, Howard)
Taxation (Brennan, Thomas)
Trial Advocacy Workshop (Sullivan, Ronald)


Criminal Procedure: Investigations (Whiting, Alex)
Trial Advocacy Workshop (Sullivan, Ronald)


Negotiation Workshop (Mnookin, Robert)


Administrative Law (Vermeule, Adrian)
Administrative Law (Sunstein, Cass)
Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Campbell, Jud)
Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Field, Martha)
Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and Fourteenth Amendment (Parker, Richard)*
Corporations (Coates, John C.)
Corporations (Kraakman, Reinier)
Corporations (Ramseyer, J. Mark)
Criminal Procedure: Investigations (Jain, Eisha)
Evidence (Rubin, Peter J.)
Evidence (Clary, Richard W.)
Federal Courts and the Federal System (Fallon, Richard)
Federal Courts and the Federal System (Jackson, Vicki)
Negotiation Workshop (Heen, Sheila)
Public International Law (Blum, Gabriella)
Taxation (Warren, Alvin)

*Note: Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers is not available to students who took 1L Constitutional Law