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Publications and Honors

Publications and Honors

Doaa Abu Elyounes S.J.D. ’21

Doaa has published “Bail or Jail? Judicial versus Algorithmic Decision-Making in the Pretrial System” in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review. She also has a forthcoming piece in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law, titled “‘Computer Says No!’: The Impact of Automation on the Discretionary Power of Public Officers.”

Elettra Bietti

Elettra’s article “Consent as a Free Pass: Platform Power and the Limits of the Informational Turn” has been published in the Pace Law Review. Her work was also featured in a recent news piece on ethical AI and she continues editing a series of white papers for the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.

Elena Chachko

Elena has received the 2020 Mike Lewis Prize for National Security Law Scholarship, awarded by the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law at The University of Texas at Austin, for her article “Administrative National Security,” published in the Georgetown Law Journal. She has also contributed a symposium piece on “Revisiting Judicial Review in Foreign Affairs” to the Fordham International Law Journal and published a paper titled “Persistent Aggrandizement? Israel’s Cyber Defense Architecture” for the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Evelyn Douek

Evelyn has recently published several pieces, including a research paper for the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University on “The Rise of Content Cartels” and an essay for the University of Chicago Law Review (online) titled “What Kind of Oversight Board Have You Given Us?” Evelyn also has a forthcoming article in the Columbia Law Review titled “Governing Online Speech: From ‘Posts-As-Trumps’ to Proportionality and Probability” and a forthcoming symposium piece in the UCI Journal of International, Transnational, and Comparative Law on “The Limits of International Law in Content Moderation.”

Kabir Duggal

Kabir recently co-authored “The Evolution of Brazilian CFIAs from 2015 to 2020: Like Wine, Does it Get Better with Time?”, published in the Journal of International Arbitration, and “Who Represents Whom? Looking at the Representation of States in Investor-State Arbitration”, published in La Revue des Juristes de Sciences Po.  Other recent articles, on climate change and environmental matters in investor-state arbitration, and investment and trade disputes, received awards from the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review and the New York State Bar Association, respectively.

Afroditi Giovanopoulou S.J.D. ’19

Afroditi has a forthcoming piece in the Harvard International Law Journal titled “Pragmatic Realism: Revisiting America’s Order After World War II.” She has also been interviewed on the new legal podcast Digging A Hole, co-hosted by Professors David Schleicher and Samuel Moyn of Yale Law School.

Luca Martino Levi S.J.D. ’21

Luca has published an article titled “Early Traces of Karl Polanyi’s ‘Discovery of Society’: A Study of Sixteenth-Century Spirituality and Charity through Caravaggio’s Paintings” in the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities.

Gali Racabi

Gali’s article “Despite the Binary: Looking for Power outside the Employee Status” will be published in the Tulane Law Review.


Shani Shisha

Shani has a forthcoming article in the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal titled “Hate the Game, Not the Player: Fairness and Copyright in Video Games.”

Roberto Tallarita

Roberto has a forthcoming co-authored article in the Cornell Law Review titled “The Illusory Promise of Stakeholder Governance.”


Oren Tamir

Oren has a forthcoming article in the Maryland Law Review titled “Constitutional Norm Entrepreneuring.”


Yiran Zhang

Yiran recently won the Colin B. Picker Graduate Student Prize, awarded by the Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL), for her paper, “Rethinking the Global Governance of Migrant Domestic Workers: A Heterodox Case of Informal Filipina Workers in China,” selected in The John M. Olin Center Fellows’ Discussion Paper Series.

Teaching Appointments

Teaching Appointments

Mekonnen Firew Ayano S.J.D. ’16

Mekonnen has joined the University at Buffalo School of Law (Buffalo) as an associate professor.


Samuel Beswick LL.M. ’14 S.J.D. ’19

Sam has joined the Peter Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia (Canada) as an assistant professor. His article, “Retroactive Adjudication,” from the final chapter of his S.J.D. dissertation. will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Yale Law Journal.

Beatriz Botero Arcila S.J.D. ’21

Beatriz has joined Sciences Po Law School (France) as an assistant professor of law.


Jessica Eisen S.J.D. ’19

Jessica has joined the University of Alberta Faculty of Law (Canada) as an assistant professor.


Rana Elkahwagy S.J.D. ’19

Rana is an assistant professor in the Public International Law department at the Alexandria University Faculty of Law (Egypt).


Meirav Furth-Matzkin S.J.D. ’19

Meirav has joined UCLA School of Law (Los Angeles) as an assistant professor of law.


Talia Gillis S.J.D. ’20

Talia has joined Columbia Law School (New York) as an associate professor of law.


Xiaoqian Hu S.J.D. ’19

Xiaoqian has joined the James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona (Tucson) as an associate professor of law.


Masaki Iwasaki S.J.D. ’20

Masaki has joined the Seoul National University School of Law (Korea) as an assistant professor.


Malcolm Lavoie LL.M. ’15 S.J.D. ’19

Malcolm has returned to the University of Alberta Faculty of Law (Canada) as an assistant professor.


Yichen Lo S.J.D. ’20

Yichen has joined the National Taipei University Department of Law (Taiwan) as an assistant professor.


Valentina Montoya Robledo S.J.D. ’20

Valentina has accepted a teaching position with the University of the Andes Faculty of Law (Colombia).


Pascal McDougall S.J.D. '21Pascal McDougall S.J.D. ’21

Pascal has joined the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (Canada) as an assistant professor.


Kári Hólmar Ragnarsson S.J.D. ’20

Kári has joined the University of Iceland Faculty of Law (Iceland) as an assistant professor.


Maayan Sudai S.J.D. ’19

Mayaan has joined the University of Haifa Faculty of Law (Israel) as an assistant professor of law and of women and gender studies, and also serves as a director of Harvard University’s  GenderSci Lab, focusing on biology and sexual diversity in law and public policy.

Pieter-Augustijn Van Malleghem S.J.D. ’19

Pieter-Augustijn has joined the Faculty of Law and Criminology at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).


Yueduan Wang S.J.D. ’21

Yueduan has joined the Peking University School of Government (China) as an assistant professor.


Ying Xia S.J.D. ’20

Ying has joined the Faculty of Law at The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong).