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Masaki Iwasaki

Assistant Professor, Seoul National University School of Law

S.J.D. 2020

miwasaki at


Three Essays on Corporate Governance: Whistleblower Rewards, Corporate Self-Reporting, and Prosocial Preferences

Research Interests

  • Law and Economics
  • Corporate Law
  • Computer Law


  • Harvard Law School, S.J.D. 2020
  • Stanford Law School, J.S.M., 2016
  • University of Tokyo, J.D. 2009
  • Keio University, Ph.D. (Business, completed all required coursework), 2007

Academic Appointments and Fellowships

  • Harvard Law School, 2017-2020, Terence M. Considine Fellowship in Law and Economics
  • Harvard University, 2019, Weatherhead Center Mid-Dissertation Fellowship
  • Harvard Law School, 2018, 2019, Summer Academic Fellowship

Representative Publications

  • A Model of Corporate Self-Policing and Self-Reporting, 63 International Review of Law and Economics 105910 (2020).
  • Are In-Person Shareholder Meetings Outdated? The Value of Implicit Communication, 11 Asian Journal of Law and Economics 202045 (2020).
  • Relative Impacts of Monetary and Non-Monetary Factors on Whistleblowing Intention: The Case of Securities Fraud, 22 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 591 (2020).
  • Facts and Fictions of Corporate Executive Accountability, 88 Fordham Law Review Online 170 (2020).
  • Effects of External Whistleblower Rewards on Internal Reporting (April 26, 2018). Harvard John M. Olin Fellow’s Discussion Paper Series No. 76. (John M. Olin Prize in Law and Economics at Harvard Law School, 2018)

Additional Information

  • Nishimura & Asahi, 2011-2020.

Last Updated: February 2021