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Please find below the answers to many frequently asked questions about the LL.M. admissions process.  In addition to referring to the FAQ, please review the full LL.M. Application Instructions (available on our online application site) carefully.

What are the minimum requirements for applying to the LL.M. program?
What are the required application materials for the LL.M. program?
What is the deadline for applying? What does the preferred deadline of November 15 mean?
What is the enrollment profile of the current LL.M. class?
How do I submit an application?
What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties with my online application?
Will Harvard review my application even if some of the supporting documents are submitted after the deadline?
How do I find out whether a document has been received or if my application is complete?
Do you accept materials sent by email?
When will admissions decisions be available?
Do I have to take the TOEFL?
Do you accept scores from the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition?
Do you accept MyBest™ TOEFL® score reports or the TOEFL® Essentials™ test?
Will you accept IELTS scores in place of the TOEFL?
What is the minimum TOEFL score required?
Will my application be reviewed if my TOEFL score does not meet the required minimum?
What is the TOEFL reporting code for Harvard Law School?
If I have more than one TOEFL score, which one will you consider?
Am I eligible for a waiver of the TOEFL requirement?
What happens if my TOEFL score is not available by the deadline?
Can I send Harvard my most recent TOEFL score even after the deadline?
How can I submit my transcripts and other academic records (e.g., diplomas, along with any necessary translations)?
If I email my transcripts to, will I later need to submit official hard copies to the Graduate Program if I am admitted or waitlisted?
If I submit official transcripts to LSAC, will I later need to submit official hard copies to the Graduate Program if I am admitted or waitlisted?
How can I make sure to have official copies of my academic records available to send after receiving an admission or waitlist offer?
Am I required to use the LL.M. Credential Assembly Service provided by LSAC?
Which materials should I send to LSAC?
What format do I use if I submit my transcripts and other academic records by email to gptranscripts?
What is an "official" transcript?
My school does not provide transcripts in English. What should I do?
My official final transcript will not be available by the application deadline. What should I do?
Can my school email my transcripts and other academic records to you during the application phase?
Can I send my transcripts and other academic records before submitting my application?
Can I send my transcripts and other academic records both by email and through LSAC?
Can I go ahead and send official hard copies during the application phase if they are available?
What are the personal statement questions?
How long should the personal statement be? Do footnotes count towards the word limit?
Can I send Harvard a revised version of my personal statement after submitting my application?
How many recommendations are required?
Who should write my recommendation letters?
Should recommendations be submitted online or on paper?
How do I submit the application fee?
If my fee is being paid by Fulbright or LASPAU, how do I submit my online application?
Can I request an application fee waiver?
Does Harvard offer financial aid?
How do I apply for financial aid?
What is the deadline for applying for financial aid?
Can I apply for financial aid after I receive an offer for admission?
Can I send Harvard an updated version of my CV/résumé after submitting my application?
What is the reapplication process?
Do I have to take the GRE or LSAT?
What does the LL.M. application look like?