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Guillermo Garcia Sanchez

Guillermo J. Garcia Sanchez

S.J.D. 2017

ggarciasanchez at


“The Effectiveness of International Adjudicative Bodies and their Interactions with Domestic Judiciaries in the Latin American Region”

Fields of Research and Supervisors

  • International Adjudication with Professor Jack L. Goldsmith, Harvard Law School, Overall Faculty Supervisor
  • Comparative Constitutional Law with Professor Vicki Jackson, Harvard Law School
  • Theories of State Behavior in Public International Law with Professor Gabriella Blum, Harvard Law School

Additional Research Interests

  • The development of international adjudication and individual complains –investment and human rights
  • Remedies in domestic and international law
  • Public international law and global administrative law
  • International economic adjudicative bodies –ICSID, WTO and NAFTA
  • The impact of legal regimes on the political economy of oil and gas industries in developing countries
  • Comparative Constitutional law – U.S. and Latin America
  • International legal framework of petroleum transactions


  • Harvard Law School, S.J.D., 2017
  • Harvard Law School, LL.M., 2012
  • Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, LLM in International Law 2011
  • Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), B.A. in International Relations 2009
  • Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), B.A. in Law 2009

Academic Appointments and Fellowships

  • Georgetown University Law Center, 2015-2016, Visiting Researcher
  • Center for U.S. and Mexican Law of the University of Houston Law Center, 2014-Present, Affiliate Scholar
  • Harvard Kennedy School of Government, 2015, Teaching Assistant on Political Economy of Oil and Gas in Developing Countries
  • Harvard International Law Journal, 2014-2015, Managing Submission Editor
  • Harvard Law School, 2014-2015, Graduate Program Fellow, Law Teaching Colloquium Coordinator
  • Harvard Law School, Summer Academic Fellow 2014
  • Harvard Law School, 2012-2015, Graduate Program Fellow, LLM Advisor

Representative Publications


  • A Critical Approach to International Investment Law, the Hydrocarbons Industry and its Relation With Domestic Institutions, Harvard International Law Journal, Vol. 57. Forthcoming (Spring, 2016)
  • The 2012 Agreement on the Exploitation of Transboundary Hydrocarbon Resources in the Gulf of Mexico Confirmation of the Rule or Emergence of a New Practice?, Houston Journal of International Law, Coauthored with Richard Mclaughlin, Vol. 37, pp. 681 – 792 (2015).
  • Analyzing International Adjudicative Bodies Under Regime Theory. Lessons from Constitutional Courts, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2014-10-15) (Book)
  • Energy Reform in Mexico: Lessons and Warnings from International Law, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Latin America Policy Journal, 3rd Ed., Spring 2014.
  • When Elections are Decided by Judges, Internacionalistas, Mexican Council of Foreign Affairs Journal, Fourth Edition, April 2013.
  • El Derecho Sobre Recursos Transfronterizos y la Reforma Energética (“International Law on the Exploitation of Transboundary Hydrocarbon Resources and the Mexican Energy Reform”), Colección “El Derecho de México en la Práctica”, Editorial Triant lo Blanch. (Book) (Summer, 2016)
  • Problems Faced by Digital Evidence in U.S. Law, Revista de Estudios de la Justicia, Coauthored with Juan Carlos Marin Gonzalez., 0(21) (2014) doi:10.5354/0718-4735.2014.36325
  • Las Empresas y sus Derechos Humanos Según la Corte (“The Human Rights of Companies According to the Supreme Court of Mexico“), Nexos, Online Political Science Magazine, Supreme Court of Justice Section (El Juego de la Corte), Mexico, April 14, 2014.
  • ¿Por qué desapareció del mapa la Isla Bermejo? (“Why did the Bermejo Island Disappeared from the Map?”), Mundo del Abogado, Judicial Magazine No. 127, Year 12, November 2009.


  • Reforma, National Newspaper, Mexico, April 23, 2014 “El Arrepentimiento Cuesta” (“The Costs of Backing Down”).
  • Reforma, National Newspaper, Mexico, December 22, 2013 “Se Llama Federalismo” (“It is called Federalism”).
  • Reforma, National Newspaper, Enfoque, Mexico, September 8, 2013 “Derechos o Privilegios” (“Rights or Privileges”).
  • Animal Político, Online Newspaper, Mexico, September 4, 2013, “El Uso de la Fuerza en Siria.” (“The Use of Force in Siria”)
  • Reforma, National Newspaper, Mexico, November 16, 2012 “La Juristocracia Electoral” (“The Electoral Juristocracy”).
  • Animal Político, Online Newspaper, Mexico, June 6, 2012, “El Plan ‘A’ del Presidente Calderón” (“President Calderon’s Plan A”).
  • Reforma, National Newspaper, Enfoque, Mexico, December 12, 2011 “FCH ante la Haya: Largo Camino” (“President Calderon before the Hague Court: a Long Way to Go”).
  • Reforma, National Newspaper, Enfoque, Mexico, August 12, 2011 “El Poder de Reelegir o Castigar” (“The Power to Reelect or to Punish”).
  • El Universal, National Newspaper, Mexico, October 31, 2010, “¡A Sembrar Mota!” (“Growing Marihuana”).
  • El Universal, National Newspaper, Mexico, April 10, 2010, “La Cédula de Identidad y la Partidocracia” (“The National Identity Card and the Party Democracy”).
  • El Economista, National Newspaper, Mexico, March 23, 2010, “Reelige o Castiga: 375 Firmas por el Derecho a Evaluar” (“Reelection or Punishment: 375 Votes for the Citizens Right to Accountability”).

Additional Information

Affiliations: American Society of International Law, Member, 2015-Present; Mexican Counsel of Foreign Affairs, Associate, 2009- Present

Awards: National Award on Energy and Development 2010, Law and Economics Research. USAID, U. Texas and ITAM; Academic Excellency Award, Best Law Thesis of ITAM Law School 2009-2010, May 2010

Languages: Spanish, English, French (intermediate), German (basic)

Last Updated: October 5, 2016