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Workshops & Colloquia

Writers’ Workshop | Workshop for Short Paper Writing Projects | Colloquia

The Graduate Program workshops and colloquia, led by Graduate Program Advisors and Coordinators and by Graduate Program administrators, are non-credit offerings that meet regularly during the course of a semester or the year. In the case of workshops, discussion is generally organized around reading materials and/or an exposition by a workshop participant or guest speaker. For colloquia, the perspectives of the student participants contribute to the direction and content of the series. Schedules of meetings can be obtained by contacting the workshop or colloquium leader.


Dr. Jane Fair Bestor
Sannoy Das
Shani Shisha
Dan Rohde
Cem Tecimer
Marzieh Tofighi Darian

The LL.M. Writers’ Workshop is a voluntary, non-credit workshop that supports students in completing the LL.M. written work requirement. All LL.M. students must satisfy the written work requirement for the LL.M. degree. Students writing the 50-Page Paper are strongly encouraged to participate in the workshop. The workshop is open to all LL.M. students interested in learning about the process of writing an academic paper in an American law school.

Workshop Objectives

  • Help students conceptualize, research, and produce a significant piece of writing.
  • Introduce students to basic legal research skills (both U.S. and international) and American legal writing techniques.
  • Facilitate advising relationships between LL.M. students and an S.J.D. candidate, and with library research staff.
  • Help structure and set deadlines for researching and writing papers.
  • Provide guidance and other non-technical support for LL.M. writing projects.


Beatriz Botero Arcila
Il-Young Jung

Students writing the 25-Page Paper are strongly encouraged to take part in the programming presented through the Workshop for Short Writing Projects. This Workshop offers guidance to students in such areas as choosing topics and supervisors, writing research proposals, and addressing methodological and organizational issues, and the like.


Law Teaching Colloquium – Full Year
Sarah Deibler

The Law Teaching Colloquium , which is co-sponsored by the Graduate Program and the Office of Academic Affairs, is a yearlong series of information sessions highlighting various aspects of law teaching. Sessions promote discussion among students and professors from HLS, Harvard University and beyond, about the nature, structure and aims of legal education. Topics range from methods of teaching and the hiring process to the internationalization of law schools and visions of legal education. The Colloquium is open to all members of the Harvard community.