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Class of 2024 Clinical and Pro Bono Programs Commencement Newsletter

We are thrilled to celebrate the Class of 2024’s accomplishments in the Harvard Law School Clinical & Pro Bono Program! Over the past three years, these students devoted nearly 400,000 hours to representing individuals on issues ranging from tenants’ rights and family law matters to immigration cases and criminal appeals. Through these intensive experiential learning opportunities, the Class of 2024 gained invaluable legal skills while making a tangible positive impact in communities across the nation.

Table of Contents

Messages from the Deans

“Public service is a hallmark of legal education at Harvard Law School. I’m extraordinarily proud of our students, faculty, and staff, and of the tremendous and tangible impact they make through our incomparable Clinical and Pro Bono Programs. By participating in one or more of Harvard Law School’s 38 legal clinics and 11 student practice organizations, our students gain essential skills while supporting real causes and clients who need their help. I applaud them for the enormous difference their efforts have made and will make in the lives of people in communities in and around Boston, across the United States, and around the world.”

John Goldberg
Harvard Law School’s Interim Dean, Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence

“The twin pillars of the Clinical and Pro Bono Program at Harvard Law School are to provide exemplary legal services to local, national, and international communities and to ensure the continuous education, learning, and growth of the clinical community. Our remarkable students are at the heart of both of these goals. As student attorneys, they engage boldly and bravely. They bring their own diverse backgrounds and expertise, coupled with the knowledge they have garnered at Harvard, to advance access to justice with savvy legal strategy and zealous representation. Our partners trust our students to develop sound policy and legal reasoning. Our clients feel seen, valued, and empowered. Our legal service is better, broader, and more joyful because of our students.

In the classroom, clinics, and student practice organizations, our students teach as much as they learn. As we advise and mentor students on their path to becoming ethical lawyers, the students, in turn, challenge us to look at legal problems with a fresh set of eyes and creative new perspectives. They teach us. They enhance our community partnerships. They build teams and friendship among their peers that will continue to strengthen their own learning and bolster the legal profession for years to come. Our students teach and change us. And our students change the world: one classroom at a time, one case at a time, one client at a time. As our clinical students join the broader legal profession, we know their impact and contributions will only grow.”

Meredith Boak
Assistant Dean for Clinical and Experiential Education and Pro Bono Programs

2023-2024 By the Numbers

  • Total Clinical Placements in 2023-24 1,184
  • Total LLM Clinical Placements in 2023-24 26
  • JD ’24 Class Participation in Clinics 88%
  • JD ’24 Class Participation in 2+ Clinics 55%
  • Average Pro Bono Hours Per JD ’24 Student 635
  • Total Pro Bono Hours completed by JD ’24 393,490
  • JD ’24 Students with >1,000 Pro Bono Hours 134
  • Student Practice Organization Members 23-24 640

Clinical and Pro Bono Program Awards

Student Achievements

Clinics in a Minute

The Clinics in a Minute video series offers a quick glance into what it’s like to be a student in the clinics. Check out all the videos here!

Stories from the In-House Clinics

The Legal Services Center is the community-based clinical law program of Harvard Law School located in Jamaica Plain. Through six unique clinical offerings—Family Justice Clinic, Consumer Protection Clinic, LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic, Housing Law Clinic, Veterans Legal Clinic, and the Federal Tax Clinic—students working under attorney supervision provide essential legal services to low-income clients. 

Stories from the Externship Clinics

Independent Clinical Projects

The Independent Clinical Program gives students who are interested in a specialized area of the law or field of practice that is not currently offered in the existing clinical curriculum an opportunity to design a custom placement that will meet their individualized learning goals. 

Stories from the Student Practice Organizations (SPOs)

Spring Break Pro Bono Trips

Students Who Have Completed 2,000+ Pro Bono Hours

Kamille Marie South Bernard
Zohar Freeman
Kaitlyn Alexzandria Ham
Erin Marie Hegarty
Liam S. Hoover
Fatema Jaffer

Meghan E. Mullennix
Elizabeth A. Olsen
Bridget A. Pranzatelli
Matthew Dean Rock
Evelyn Shan
Anne Stone Whitney

Students Who Have Completed 1,000+ Pro Bono Hours

Janna Elizabeth Adelstein
Vanessa Agudelo
Laura Noelle Aguilar
Daniel J. Albert-Rozenberg
Joseph B. Alpert
Joshua M. Alpert
Tomás Arango
Hayley M. Barton
Benson Jeffrey Beidler
Christopher George Berven
Mary Faith Groark Blank
Ana A. Bordallo
Joelle Ruth Boxer
Travis Frederick Cabbell
Kelly Capatosto
Morgan Carmen
Elliot Caron-Vera
Xinyun Chen
Maleeha Nazneen Chida
Robert L. Clinton, IV
Julio Q. Colby
Elizabeth M. Dassow
Anne DeLong
Olivia Jane den Dulk
Christopher Kalimos Dietz
Apoorva Dixit
Kunal Dixit
Tara Djukanovic
Eliza Rose Qualey Drury
Kyla Elizabeth DaSilva Duffy
Chloe Elizabeth Dyer
Marie T. Edouard
Quinn Risa Evangelakos
Edwin Arthur Farley
Katherine McClain Fleming
Luna Floyd
Allyson N. Gambardella
Arjun Gananathan
Aliyah Iman Graves-Brown
Kennedy Breanne Green
Lauren Greenawalt

Gabrielle E. Grossman
Masooma Haider
Abigail Donna-Marie Hall
Julia E. Hammond
Amanda Gillian Hart Harrison
Sarah L. Hart
Taufan Ariq Hidayatullah Hatibie
Catherine Q.T. Hoang
Naomi Helen Campbell Jennings
Ethan Judd
Zainab Kahloon
Sara Kamouni
Jacqulyn M. Kantack
Manvitha Kapireddy
Lea H. Kayali
Ava Bayani Kazerouni
Andrew Byrne Keefe
Alexandra Kersley
Shaun Henry Kleber
Sarah Emma Kliment
Layla Kousari
Michaela Emory LeDoux
Bomie Lee
Natalie Elizabeth Leitman
Mira Isabelle Lerner
Michel A. Li
Dana Lurie
Raquel Victoria Maria Maldonado Navarro
William F. McCann, III
Sonali Mehta
Joshua Garrett Metzger
Melissa Ashley Morgan
Michaela A. Morris
Jyothsna Roopa Mulpuri
Kelly Anne Murphy
Noelle Marie Musolino
Stephen Alexander Neilson
Molly A. O ́Neil
Sabrina Alessandra Ochoa
David A. Olin
Pranaya K. Pahwa

Chinmay Gopal Pandit
Scarlett Sun Park
David Paul
Farris Mary Alexandra Peale
Kathleen Pleiss
Wyatt Cooper Pless
Beatriz Ramon
Aurek L. Ransom
Annika Quinn Reno
Helena T. Rickards
Robin Wang Zhang Rivaux
Lucas A. Rodríguez
Alfredo Rosales
Katherine Parker Royce
Nicoly Benicio Santos
Jeremiah Scanlan
Sofia Scotti
Emily Shanti Shah
Rushi Shah
Alizeh M. Sheikh
Delana Elizabeth Zeeba Sobhani
Jake Alexander Soria
Bennett Stehr
Benjamin Matthew Stern
Kathryn S. Strickland
Grace Lucille Summers
Kristi L. Tanaka
Hina Uddin
Dee Dawoon Um
Shashank Vura
Kelsey Emma Waldron
Daniel McKinley Walker
Simone Wallk
Angeni Wentao Wang
Scott (Xiantao) Wang
Marisa Danielle Wright
Alie Yu
Alyssa Hope Zhang
Yue Zhou
Elizabeth Anne Lubben Zotti

Retirements and Promotions

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Congratulations to the Class of 2024!