Two members of the Harvard Law faculty were recently named assistant clinical professors of law.

Ruth Greenwood

Ruth Greenwood, a visiting assistant clinical professor of law and the director of the Election Law Clinic at Harvard Law School, was appointed an assistant clinical professor of law at Harvard Law School, effective Jan. 1. 

Greenwood joined the Harvard Law faculty in January 2020 as a lecturer on law and launched the Voting Rights Litigation and Advocacy Clinic. While many of the top law schools offer courses in election law, Harvard, under Greenwood’s direction, was the first law school in the country with an in-house clinic designed entirely around a practice in election law. 

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Joshua C. McDaniel

Joshua C. McDaniel, the director of Harvard Law School’s Religious Freedom Clinic, was named an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Law School, effective Jan. 1.  

McDaniel brings almost a decade of top-flight experience as a practicing lawyer as well as deep expertise in law and religion cases. He joined Harvard Law School as a staff attorney in the Religious Freedom Clinic during the Fall Term 2020, and, in 2021, he was appointed a visiting assistant clinical professor and director of the law school’s Religious Freedom Clinic. 

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