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Class of 2023 Clinical and Pro Bono Programs Commencement Newsletter

Graduates toss caps into the air

Learning the Law, Serving the World

We are thrilled to announce the graduation of the Class of 2023 from the Clinical & Pro Bono Program! This year’s cohort of talented, dedicated students has made an incredible impact on the world of public service and legal advocacy.

“Harvard Law School’s 38 clinics and 11 student practice organizations offer our students unparalleled opportunities to gain hands-on experience while serving a broad range of clients and the communities in which they live. Our students gain vital experience and learning from excellent lawyers and teachers across nearly every field of legal practice. And in doing so, they not only make a real difference for clients and communities, but also develop a lifelong commitment to public service that will benefit them throughout their careers. I could not be more grateful to our clinical faculty and staff, or more proud of the students and future Harvard lawyers whom they teach. There is no better place to learn to practice law by serving others.”

John F. Manning

Morgan and Helen Chu Dean and Professor of Law
Harvard Law School

“The twin pillars of the Clinical and Pro Bono Program at Harvard Law School are to provide exemplary legal services to local, national, and international communities and to ensure the continuous education, learning, and growth of the clinical community. Our remarkable students are at the heart of both of these goals. As student attorneys, they engage boldly and bravely. They bring their own diverse backgrounds and expertise, coupled with the knowledge they have garnered at Harvard, to advance access to justice with savvy legal strategy and zealous representation. Our partners trust our students to develop sound policy and legal reasoning. Our clients feel seen, valued, and empowered. Our legal service is better, broader, and more joyful because of our students.

In the classroom, clinics, and student practice organizations, our students teach as much as they learn. As we advise and mentor students on their path to becoming ethical lawyers, the students, in turn, challenge us to look at legal problems with a fresh set of eyes and creative new perspectives. They teach us. They enhance our community partnerships. They build teams and friendship among their peers that will continue to strengthen their own learning and bolster the legal profession for years to come. Our students teach and change us. And our students change the world: one classroom at a time, one case at a time, one client at a time. As our clinical students join the broader legal profession, we know their impact and contributions will only grow.”

Meredith Boak
Assistant Dean for Clinical and Experiential Education and Pro Bono Programs

2022-2023 By the Numbers

  • Clinical Placements in 2022-23 1,161
  • LLM Clinical Placements in 2022-23 31
  • JD ’23 Class Participation in Clinics 89%
  • JD ’23 Participated in 2+ Clinics 52%
  • Average Pro Bono Hours Per JD ’23 Student 673
  • Total Pro Bono Hours by JD ’23 384,552
  • JD ’23 Students with >1,000 Pro Bono Hours 131
  • Student Practice Organizations Members 22-23 755

Clinical and Pro Bono Awards

Stories from the In-House Clinics

Stories from the Externship Clinics

Independent Clinical Projects

Pro Bono Stories

Spring Break Pro Bono Trips

Harvard Law School students in front of the Jewish Family Services building in San Diego. From left: Magdalene Beck ’24, Moha Bouzagou Ouali ’23, Vanessa Agedulo ’24, Jesus Carreon ’25, Tara Djukanovic ’24, Jose Rodriguez ’24, Carolina Isaza ’24, Debbie Park ’24, Alfredo Rosales ’24, Chinwe Ihejirika ’25, and Maya Mahajan ’25.

Stories from the Student Practice Organizations (SPOs)

Student Achievements

Students Who Have Completed 2,000+ Pro Bono Hours

Isabella M. Badia Bellinger

Sarah E. Blatt-Herold

Molly Crane

Hannah Lee Finnie

Mina Ibiye Kalu-Ezikpe

Apoorva Krishnan

Oliver Ma

Syeda Malliha

Olivia Murray

Sarah Ariella Rosenkrantz

Anne Miriam Woronecki

Students Who Have Completed 1,000+ Pro Bono Hours

Vandana Apte

Fjora Arapi

Sarah Gordon Armstrong

Ayodele N. Aruleba

Marlon Shane Becerra

Mariah K. Bellamoroso

Kevin Mark Bendesky

Matthew Besman

Michael James Blank

Olivia Ruby Blom

Suzanna Elise Hurlong Bobadilla

Christina M. Breitbeil

Alexander Jacob Brown

Samantha S. Camy

Rebekah R. Carey

Katherine Ayako Chu

Nayeon K. Chung

Jessica S. Cianci

Christina Danielle Coleburn

Alexandra N. Cunningham

Cristina Dan

Neil S. Davey

Sophie Gottesman DeBode

Brian J. Dezurick

Marième Diop

Naima Drecker-Waxman

Isabel Espinosa Schatz

Riley Doyle Evans

Madison L. Ferris

Alison Taylor Gentry

Fredrica Florine George

Hannah Gerdes

Malia C. Gesuale

Lydia Singh Ghuman

Leonard Giarrano IV

Zachary B. Goldstein

Alexa H. Gray

Luca Greco

Grace G. Griffith

Harold I. Grigsby III

Alisha Gupta

Valerie Raizel Gutmann

Mattie C. Haag

James Roy Hamilton III

Gillian Hannahs

Kiese Tangye Kanza Hansen

Arabi Hassan

Delaney Irene Herndon

Laura Dylan Hipple

Rowan Hong

Sung Hwan Hong

Brendan Christopher Hopkins

Dylan K. Hosmer-Quint

Serena A. Hughley

Caroline Gail Jaschke

Ricardo Jimenez Solis

Joan Josiah

Ariella Paula Katz

Jaspreet Kaur

Charlotte Underwood Keeley

Stuart T. Key

Amelia T. Keyes

David Kilbridge

Raya Rivka Koreh

Samuel Eric Kurland

Rachel Landry

John Christopher Lawson

Emma Rose Leibowitz

Jessica C. Levy

Elbert Keng-Ming Liang

Arlene Altagracia Lopez

Graham E. Lowder

Pablo Arturo Lozano

Amanda P. Madigan

Jayee K. Malwankar

Carlos Cristobal Martinez

Katelyn Elizabeth Martinez

Gayane Matevosyan

Sean V. McDonough

Matthew T. Meehan

Colette B. Midulla

Michael E. Mitchell

Elizabeth G. Moens

Robert Molina

Emilie Raphaela Montgomery

Rebecca Faith Murphy

Samantha J. Nagler

Jessica N. Nelson

Rachel Niegelberg

Patrick N. O ́Connor

Ji Soo Janet Park

Krupa K. Patel

Stephanie Perez

Samantha Lauren Perri

Elena Adele Plenefisch

Lincoln R. Plews

Anastasia Pyrinis

Carolina Rabinowicz

Benjamin T. Rankin

Thomas Mitchell Roberts

Georgia Nicole Rochon

Jordan Alvis Rogers

Alexander S. Ropes

Shilpa Sadhasivam

Andrew D. Santana

Rachel Erin Schwarz

Emma Sherry

Miriam Liv Iversen Shestack

Dominic Joseph Solari

Lauren M. Spiwak

Martin Alexander Strauss

Hui Sun

Katherine E. Super

Emma Jane F. Svoboda

Tram Ngoc Tran

Sara Tsai

Elizabeth Rood Turner

Rebecca Elizabeth Tweedie

Dane Underwood

Rosa C. Vargas

Elena Maria Vázquez

Jason Rafael Vazquez

Kevin Ricardo Vazquez

Hannah Rose Wallach

Elizabeth Rosemary Walsh

Yiran Wang

Jennifer K. Ware-Phillips

Jaclyn Weinell

Nicole T. Yapp

Cathy Zhang

Tracy S. Zhang

Clinics in a Minute

This year we kicked off a new series on the Harvard Law School Instagram account (@harvardlaw) highlighting the student experience in the clinics and SPOs.

Click here to view the full gallery of videos!


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Congratulations to the Class of 2023!