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For over two hundred years, Harvard Law School has prepared generations of lawyers to be leaders in law, government, policy, and business and to drive social and institutional change all over the world, in innumerable complex environments. In the past decade, we have enhanced our curriculum to provide students the opportunity to learn and apply critical leadership and professional skills, frameworks, and analytical methods, and to build enduring networks to enhance their ability to make a positive difference. Additionally, HLS Executive Education provides unrivaled, executive-style leadership programs for private and public sector lawyer-leaders from around the world to help them address the challenges they face while serving clients and leading within their organizations.

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Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington Clinic

Students spend the entire Spring Term in Washington, D.C. working as legal interns in a variety of federal offices while taking an evening course on…

International Human Rights Clinic

The International Human Rights Clinic works to protect the human rights of clients and communities around the world. Through supervised practice, students learn the responsibilities…

Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project Clinic

The Making Rights Real Clinic will build on a partnership between Professor White, Harvard Law School students, University of Ghana Law School faculty and students,…

Sports Law Clinic

Sports Law clinical placements are in a variety of settings, including legal departments of major leagues or sports franchises, and with law firms and lawyers…

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Course Term Instructor(s)
(Dis)illusionment for Young Lawyers Spring 2023 Reading Group Richard Parker
Applying Adaptive Leadership to Thrive and Lead Change in Uncertain Times Spring 2023 Course Farayi Chipungu, Scott Westfahl
Becoming a Law Professor Spring 2023 Reading Group Susannah Tobin
Communication, Law and Social Justice Fall 2022 Course Alan Jenkins
Criminal Procedure: Investigations Fall 2022 Course Andrew Crespo
Dispute Systems Design Clinical Seminar Fall 2022 Seminar Neil McGaraghan
Diversity and Dispute Resolution Winter 2023 Course Audrey Lee, David Hoffman
Financial and Legal Needs of Low and Moderate Income Households Spring 2023 Seminar Jeanne Charn
From Crisis to Opportunity: Leadership in Post-Pandemic Urban America Fall 2022 Reading Group Julián Castro
Governing Digital Technology Spring 2023 Course Jonathan Zittrain
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