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Michele DeStefano

Visiting Professor of Law

Winter 2024

Michele DeStefano
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Recognized by the ABA as a Legal Rebel and by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers (North America) as one of the top 20 most innovative lawyers, Michele DeStefano is a Professor of Law at the University of Miami and a Faculty Chair in Harvard Law School’s Executive Education Program and Guest Faculty at IE School of Law. She is the founder of LawWithoutWalls, a multi-disciplinary, international, intergenerational community of more than 2,000 lawyers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who collaborate to create innovations in the business of law and, importantly, hone new mindsets and skillsets. Recently, Michele helped co-create the Digital Legal Exchange, a non-profit designed to inspire general counsel and their teams to become digital leaders in their businesses to drive commercial value. DeStefano researches, writes, and speaks about creative problem solving, collaboration, culture change, and innovation in law. Her latest article, Don’t Let the Digital Tail Wag the Transformation Dog: A Digital Transformation Roadmap for Corporate Counsel was recently published this Fall 2022. Her latest books include Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in Law and New Suits: Appetite for Disruption. Her two new books, Leader Upheaval: A Guide to Culture Creation, Client Centricity, and Collaboration, and The Leader Upheaval Handbook: Lead Teams with the 3-4-5 Method will be published Spring 2023. Michele earned her B.A., magna cum laude, from Dartmouth College and J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School.

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  • Leader Upheaval: A Guide to Client-Centricity, Culture Creation, and Collaboration (Forthcoming 2023 Ankerwycke ABA Publishing).
  • The Leader Upheaval Handbook: Lead Teams with The 3-4-5 Method of Innovation (Forthcoming 2023 Ankerwycke ABA Publishing).
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  • The Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege: Third-Rate Doctrine for Third-Party Consultants, 62 SMU L. Rev. 727 (2009).


  • B.A. Dartmouth College, 1991
  • J.D. Harvard Law School, 2002